Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas, I am going to talk turkey. The reason that feminists are so angry and concerned about the creeping normalization of extreme transgender ideology is because it sets women’s liberation back decades.

Feminists, as far back as the 1960s, have protested against beauty pageants. Shouting, We’re not beautiful, we’re not ugly … we’re ANGRY!’, they made it clear that women refuse to be judged on superficial and sexist notions of ‘beauty’. It feels a very long time ago that beauty competitions were considered acceptable, but now it would appear that we are expected to go back a few decades and love the idea of women being paraded around like cattle, because a transgender woman might end up being crowned Miss Universe.

Angela Ponce (currently Miss Spain) became the first transgender woman with a chance of becoming Miss Universe this year. Ponce recently said in an interview, that, ‘Having a vagina didn’t transform me into a woman. I am a woman, already before birth, because my identity is [in my head].’

While feminists have based our entire theory of why and how women are oppressed on the fact that sex is a biological reality, but gender is a set of rules telling females how to behave (dolls, pink frills, quiet and subservient), trans activists will argue the opposite, and will claim that gender is innate, and biological sex ‘on a spectrum’. This nonsense that being a woman is merely a ‘feeling’ in the ‘ladybrain’ that just happens to have ended up in the wrong body is commonplace among extreme trans activists.

For example, Paris Lees made an extraordinary claim in an article about the boxing promoter Frank Maloney, who now goes by the name of Kellie, soon after he decided to live as a woman. Kellie Maloney has always been a woman. She isn’t becoming a woman or pretending to be one. She doesn’t “think” she is a woman, wrote Lees. Nor is she magically transforming into a woman via some alchemical trickery.

So, the Frank Maloney that made a fortune in one of the most macho jobs on the planet, who was paid a fortune to promote a sport that runs on violence and testosterone. The Maloney I met when he was ‘Kelly’ in a TV studio, when he admitted that he used to provide ‘hookers’ at parties for the boxers he represented. I am supposed to be referring to Maloney as ‘she’, but I will not. I am polite and courteous, and use female pronouns when addressing those who have meaningfully transitioned, but I will not afford this courtesy to those trans women that trample all over the legal and human rights of natal women. Take Karen White, for example, a male-bodied, prolific sex offender of women and children who put on a bad wig and was allowed to move to a women’s prison, where he went on to sexually assault a number of female inmates.  Some media outlets used the phrase, ‘her erect penis’, which is beyond Orwellian by any standards.

People really don’t get the fact that sex is a biological reality, defined by our chromosomes, genitals, and other bits and pieces, and gender is MADE UP, and totally a social construct. Angela Ponce is claiming that she likes parading around on stage in a bikini because she is REALLY a woman who happened to have been born male. At the same time, ACTUAL women are desperately trying to be viewed and treated as equal human beings, and not breasts on a stick, mincing around the stage being gawped at by male judges.

I can see why the idea of a beauty pageant is attractive to some trans woman. After all, for many men, the motivation to transition is the opportunity to play out a sexual fantasy about womanhood, which has nothing to do with actual womanhood for those of us born female. This type of parody is akin to blackface.

Caitlyn Jenner, the Trump-supporting former athlete who was once voted ‘woman of the year’ by Glamour Magazine praised Ponce this week for, for breaking barriers and making progress in her community. In the meantime, feminists still strive for progress by naming beauty competitions as sexist, regressive bullshit.