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Coconut ice: a no-bake treat made for the heat

If you’re put off by the perils and complexities of confectionery, then coconut ice is the answer

I don’t know about you, but I find that many of the things I enjoy eating most in the summer, those things I crave when the weather is blazing hot or just plain muggy, still require some level of cooking. Those chilled soups, or sticky ribs, or even ice creams still mean standing over a…


What makes a pasty Cornish?

Pastry has been used as both a vessel and a means of preserving for as long as cooking has existed

In praise of chastity

Nothing pleases me more than female beauty, in which charm and femininity are all important

The curious parable of Dartington

In a sense, my father’s extraordinary career was the Elmhirsts’ legacy

Bourbon biscuits are better home-made

Only a monster would embark on a tea break without biscuits

What does your wedding reading say about you?

A friend struggled through 30 lines of A.A. Milne’s ‘Us Two’. ‘You try saying “Pooh” 25 times,’ she recalls

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