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America should be more like West Virginia

Bette Midler and others slime the state as backwards but those who are from there know better

Poor. Illiterate. Strung out. Those were the three words that Bette Midler used to describe West Virginia after the Mountain State's Joe Manchin announced he would vote against Joe Biden's Build Back Better bill. "He sold us out. He wants us all to be just like his state," Midler said. It's a tale as old…


The healing power of Champagne

‘Glass of bubbly, Marigold?’ I asked Catriona’s sister at a quarter to nine on the first morning of her visit

Did the culture wars kill the New Year’s Eve party?

How do we celebrate when all the old pleasures have been pathologized?

Mark Twain in Buffalo

Mark Twain would be hopelessly out of favor with both wings of the modern duopoly

The exhortative tradition in America

To summon your brethren to raise a City Upon a Hill as a beacon to all mankind is a pretty tall order

How to survive eating out

The greatest human spirits would view the new era of show-your-papers dining not as a hardship, but as an opportunity

Tastings from an energy drink connoisseur

What energy drink, I ask myself, will aid an energetic think?

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