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The thrill of sailing rough seas

The good thing is the discomfort, which separates the men from the girls

I suppose there’s always a first time — looking back it was bound to happen. I scrambled off a sailing boat and took the coward’s way out after being bashed about by an angry Poseidon and a furious Aeolus. Actually it was the wife who couldn’t take it anymore and I simply went along. Sixty…


Forget trains: American car culture is worth defending

We have a lot of space and a lot of horsepower, and we will not apologize

The ultimate chicken pie recipe

Big chunks of meat, lots of soft, buttery leeks, smoky nuggets of bacon, all bound together with a roux-thickened sauce

An armed society is a polite society

A little ditty from Mississippi illustrates the point

Even the Queen’s clothes evoked her sense of duty

She was a servant, not a celebrity

Surprise! BYU found no evidence of racial slurs at volleyball game

The story warranted immediate skepticism for a number of reasons

How to drink like the Queen this weekend

A gin and Dubonnet on the rocks was said to be among her favorites

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