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Jam roly-poly: why it’s time to revive this retro British pudding

This isn’t the place for an insipid or (frankly) cheap jam: it’s the dominant flavor here

More than new pencil cases, name tapes and the smell of school halls, British back-to-school season always makes me think of proper puddings. There’s a category of pudding that seems reserved for properly old cookbooks, a handful of old-fashioned pubs, and dinner ladies. Spotted dick, cornflake tart and jam roly-poly. [banner] Perhaps its ubiquity at British school…


Bog bodies: mysteries of the Iron Age

There is a theory in Ireland that the country’s bog bodies may be the remains of failed kings, ritually killed on Samhain

The link between spick and span, spanking and spoon

Whatever spick and span reminds us of, it is as an idiom with a cheery meaning of its own

Americans, London needs you

I wonder if London — or any of the great cities — will ever be the same again?

A tale of many swimming pools

Oscar and Klynton are visiting us in Provence and a 100-degree heatwave has hit. There’s only one place to be

The other winner of Emma Raducanu’s stunning victory

Right now, what she needs is someone to help keep her normal

Is it cruel to crush your child’s dreams?

What unites great men and women isn’t a capacity to dream big but a love of what they do

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