Our gadgets are misleading us

Modern gadgets are less and less our servants and more and more our masters

Human beings are wanderers who roam the world in search of adventure. And this love of adventure creates a need for home: homecoming makes wandering worthwhile. Hence human beings have devised instruments that help them to navigate, so as to guide them to their destination and — most importantly — to guide them back again,…

The Democratic distraction

January 6 is a convenient sidebar for a collapsing party

Are the Republicans getting complacent?

Plus: Biden’s bougie break and the first Thanksgiving

Celebrating holidays in a strange land

Plus: Tucker Carlson and that other new venture in liberal education

Fifty years ago, D.B. Cooper changed air travel forever

The authorities may not have brought Cooper to book, but they wasted little time in punishing the rest of us

The University of Austin: a meteor aimed at higher ed?

‘Liberal educators’ might sneer but they’re very worried

We aren’t serious about fighting climate change

People all over the world say they want action — from someone else


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Pregnant at the end of the world

Seeing that new life on the ultrasound gave me hope for the future — not dread

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The doctor is mad

The American Medical Association has just issued a health equity guide

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How Meghan Markle wins the White House

Welcome to Meghan’s world, where artifice, pop culture and politics march in lockstep

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How the ancients handled refugees

In the ancient world, movements of people were also very common, often because war, famine or exile left them with no option

Hardly a day goes by without headlines about immigrants, asylum-seekers and refugees. In the ancient world, movements of people were also very common (state boundaries did not exist), often because war, famine or exile left them with no option. So how did refugees try to win acceptance? [banner] In Homer’s world of heroes (c. 700 BC),…

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