EDITORIAL: America isn’t back. Global grandstanding is

Don’t expect any meaningful solutions to the world’s biggest problems

'America is back at the table,’ Joe Biden wants us to know. ‘Diplomacy is back.’ After four years of Donald Trump, the new President seems rather too desperate to tell the world that the United States is on their side. It all sounds very positive, but what has Biden’s return to the global table actually achieved? What,…

The Biden-Putin summit was a diplomatic nothingburger

There were no breakthroughs — but at least, by Putin’s account at least, there was ‘no hostility’ between the two sides

Adios, AUMF

The votes and the stars appear aligned to sweep the authorized use of military force legislation

Putin’s secret weapon? The F-35

Why should anyone buy Lockheed Martin’s deficient jet?

Montenegro’s road to nowhere

The Balkan state is struggling to repay a $1.2 billion Chinese loan

White House digs deeper on border crisis

The immigration press release they sent out today opens on a couple of whoppers

France is divided on ‘taking the knee’

On Tuesday evening, Les Bleus planned to honor the memory of a man killed by the American police more than a year ago

The president of platitudes

Biden’s speeches aren’t disastrous — just listless and flat

Biden’s supply chain plan is a step in the right direction

The US needs to be able to produce strategically important products within its own borders


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Playboy of the western world

We aren’t living in Hef’s cultured Playboy world anymore; if anything, we are living in Hustler’s nightmare

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Take a trip with Hawkwind

Hawkwind played notes from underground, but they had a global influence

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EDITORIAL: Joe Biden and the magic money nightmare

It’s unfashionable to worry about inflation. It’s also right

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A nicer side of Nero

Nero had to find a scapegoat for the fire so he went after the Christians. So what else is new?

New York I haven’t felt such shirt-dripping, mind-clogging wet heat since Saigon back in 1971. The Bagel is a steam bath, with lots of very ugly people walking around in stages of undress that would once upon a time have embarrassed that famed stripper Lili St Cyr. How strange that very pretty girls do not…

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