Harris heads south

Kamala is finally going to the Mexican border

We did it, Joe! After weeks of pressure, Vice President Kamala Harris is finally going to visit the US-Mexico border. The administration's border czar will travel to El Paso, Texas, on Friday. 'Earlier this year, the President asked the Vice President to oversee our diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from El…

How Israel can block Iran’s nuclear dreams

Israel’s military will no doubt be attempting to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program as you read this

Does Joe Biden deserve to receive Communion?

The President has forced the hand of the American Catholic hierarchy

Viktor Orbán declares war on the European Parliament

Concerns about the European Parliament’s increasingly cavalier attitude towards sovereignty are not limited to Hungary and Poland

What the media gets wrong on gender reassignment

The media is guilty of gross negligence on gender reassignment reporting

Beijing’s battle to crush Hong Kong’s final freedoms

The erosion of a free press is just one part of the collapse of civil society in Hong Kong

Billionaire tech bros…in space!

America’s richest men think they’re entitled not just to their money but to ours


Books and Arts

The sexploits of Mariella Novotny

The Novotny Papers: ‘A Bit Vulture, A Bit Eagle’ by Lilian Pizzichini reviewed

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Editor Picks

The error of idealism

Idealism comes naturally to liberal societies because it has no inherent principles and no rules to follow

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The legend of forgotten musical genius Mieczyslaw Weinberg

Dismissed as a dime-store Shostakovich, then praised as a major modern composer

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Vacation time

The enduring popularity of the Vacation series reflects not just the American appetite for travel, but also that old American virtue of gung-ho optimism

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Even a robot assistant can’t help you make sense of Japan

The eccentricity of Japan is all-enveloping and inescapable, from bizarre language to dangerous food

Tokyo The late A.A. Gill, in his notorious ‘Mad in Japan’ essay, concluded that the only way you could make sense of Tokyo was to think of it as a vast open-air lunatic asylum, with inmates instead of residents. Gill would have loved Arisa. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anything more stereotypically Japanese than…

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