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Why are we ignoring the GOP’s popular vote win?

The midterms were a hollow victory for Democrats

The midterm bloodbath conservatives were salivating for devolved into, at best, a red tide. The Democrats held the Senate and have only a seven-seat deficit in the House. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is now hoping to grant citizenship to every warm body in the country and perhaps even others on their way here, while…

The office Christmas party is back with a vengeance

There is no comparison to any other work event

A declaration of Cold War

Seventy-six years after Churchill’s warning, Garry Kasparov castigates a complacent West

The generation gap over J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter’s older actors are speaking out in her defense, while the young ones attack

My travels in DeSantisland

I decided to spend some time in the Tampa suburb where he grew up

The Trump transaction is now over

Amid the fallout from racist Friendsgiving, it’s time to ask: what has he done for us lately?

The Europeans are complaining, again

They’re annoyed that American companies are making money defending them


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The deep sleep state

Bureaucrats have become addicted to working (or not) from home

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A comedian explains how to quit social media

James Acaster has not stopped exploring where he might want to go

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It’s always time for island wine

Let’s start in Sicily, on the slopes of Mount Etna…

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How to tour London like a royal

Play your cards right, and you might even sit next to a prince in a cocktail bar

The next time you arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport, you might be forgiven for wanting a welcome fit for a king. Yet under the now nearly three-month-old reign of King Charles III, there is a persistent rumor that Buckingham Palace, that symbol of the British monarchy since its acquisition by America’s favorite monarch George III…

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