The woke are abolishing women

There’s a whole new world of terminology out there, all of it centered on bodies and biology

Last week, the Lancet medical journal became briefly internet-famous when it published the following sentence on its Twitter account: ‘Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.’ The sentence is a pullquote from a bigger article, but boy does it capture the imagination on its own. Like a Hieronymous Bosch painting, you can…

Andrew Cuomo doesn’t deserve a second chance

The disgraced New York governor is demonstrating why he should have been impeached

AOC’s Iron Dome defeat is a win for the United States

The Squad is out to wreck the US-Israel relationship

The New York Times tips its anti-Semitic hand

The paper has long had a blind spot for the Jews, a trend that continues today

Is Russia ready for life after Putin?

Many Russians, young or old, do not see the West as worthy of emulation

China’s obsessive attempts to subvert the West

Western societies are up against a dictatorship that is determined to use every method to advance its interests

America the fat and impotent

We watch too much porn and too much sports — and it’s weakening us


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The United States of Fear

The reasons why international travel is off-limits and shameful have nothing to do with medical facts

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How Harvard went woke

Harvard University claims to be America’s finest — but it has become a hotbed of timidity and bigotry

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The vanishing presidency

Without ‘competence’ as its rationale, what does the Biden administration have to fall back on?

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The beauty of the Normandy memorial

I am deeply moved to find the names of two of my father’s comrades who were killed doing the same perilous job as he did

As the cross-Channel ferry noses into Ouistreham, I have a perfect view westward along the D-Day beaches. The excitement of arrival is heightened by the fact that this is the first time I have traveled to the Continent since COVID struck. Not since the age of 17 have I been absent from what the English…

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