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The fall of feminism led to the fall of Roe

How pop-intersectionality destroyed abortion rights

It would be too much to say that wokeness lost Roe for progressives. There is of course a contingent in American politics and the population at large that views abortion as murder or murder-adjacent, and this is the camp that has, for the time being, gotten its way. But if you’re looking to sort out…

Taking a page from Lenin’s playbook

It’s like Biden wants us to be poor

The mainline Protestantism clown show

They’ve become agents of woke cultural imperialism

Salvador Ramos and our crisis of masculinity

What mass shooters need are proper male role models

Newsom 2024? Really?

Plus: Gillum’s fall and the gas-tax-holiday flop

Here comes the next recession

If we aren’t already in one, we are perilously close

The real reason for Biden’s war on Juul

Time for the vape fiends to grow up and smoke a cigarette


Books and Arts

In search of a credible Elvis movie

Baz Luhrmann’s new biopic is fun but too cartoonish to capture the legend

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Let’s hear it for horiatiki

Greek salad is the perfect dish to make for a dinner party

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The nature of luck

What is luck?’ said Klynton, aged ten. ‘Hard to explain,’ I said

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Is Hans Zimmer a genius or a charlatan?

A Zimmer score is seldom less than a pleasure to listen to, as has been the case for decades

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Could a vaccine for cancer be within reach?

Surviving cancer is a war of attrition against an adaptive enemy

It’s probably now the longest running conflict since the Hundred Years’ War: Richard Nixon declared the "war on cancer" fifty-one years ago. The enemy is still in the field, killing more people than ever as other causes of mortality shrink. But cancer is at last giving ground. Fresh from its triumph in the race to…

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