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Cleaning house at the FBI and Justice Department

The Mar-a-Lago raid has finished off public trust in federal law enforcement

The two most striking features of the FBI’s unprecedented raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home are its bold intrusiveness and the public’s mistrust of the Bureau’s honesty and integrity. The Department of Justice could have used low-profile subpoenas to force Trump to turn over any documents, including the most sensitive ones. It didn’t. Instead, it…

The uselessness of the CDC

Plus: Americans deserve better than Mar-a-Lago leaks

The FBI kills a mosquito with a howitzer

The Mar-a-Lago raid could be a grievous blow to the Justice Department’s legitimacy

Celebrities embark on a Ukraine safari

Visiting Zelensky has become the latest Hollywood PR stunt

Biden does his best banana republic impression

Don’t believe the Democratic spin machine

Is this the right’s answer to woke corporatism?

New Founding promises an alternative to a leftist vision of commerce

Democrats pick a bad time to punish the energy industry

Expect the methane fee to increase power bills


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My encounters with the Mayans

The people are still here but their great cities have been swallowed by the jungle

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Dobbs has changed America forever

Abortion once scrambled the country’s politics. It will do so again

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What is junk, exactly?

And is collecting it on private property a civil right?

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Beware the cocktail bore

We live in the era of the overmarketed, oversweetened, overpriced and overexplained cocktail

The man at the posh London bar stood with our drinks but wouldn’t give them to us. He had a lecture to deliver first, for cocktail culture — or “mixology” as the craft is now known — is nothing if not didactic. As I looked enviously out at the people with pints of beer across…

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