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An American inquisition

Almost 500 years after Galileo, quasi-religious frenzies flow freely once again

The nation is entering a Galilean moment. Public and private authorities stubbornly pursue make-believe about race, ethnic loyalties, families, men and women, and civic adhesion. They deny the limits of nature. It’s not the first time that human vanity has taken a run at truth and punished those who don’t fall into line. To avoid…

Conservatives are so gay

The GOP should surrender once again, this time on the rainbow flag

The Marxist writer who railed against Lenin

Maxim Gorky looked to literature and culture as much as to revolution

How MSNBC accidentally killed Roe

Tell your viewers conservatives are Neanderthals and they just might get complacent

Will Dobbs galvanize the left?

Plus: DeSantis’s dilemma and the G7’s complacency

Blue states double down on abortion

Overturning Roe was just the beginning for the pro-life movement

Did Hunter Biden influence Obama-era China policy?

He and John Kerry’s stepson both had dealings while their fathers were in office


Books and Arts

The rise of gay Washington

Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington by James Kirchick reviewed

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Editor Picks

Why tech billionaires love testosterone

‘T’ and ‘bromeopathy’ won’t create good men

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Zabar’s is still thriving

The deli is New York’s longest running show

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A day in DC

The Jefferson Memorial still gives off a far better vibe than the Potomac anthills in which the self-important Get Things Done

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Editor Picks


Stop trying to make the four-day workweek happen

Modern work life can be soulless but this isn’t why

Growing up in my little Pennsylvania hometown, most businesses would close early on Wednesdays around lunchtime. The idea was that they would re-open in the evening or on Saturday mornings to give people who couldn’t get away from their nine-to-five jobs the chance to shop, go to the bank, etc. To this day, a few…

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