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Democrats pick a bad time to punish the energy industry

Expect the methane fee to increase power bills

With its new Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the government is pulling one of those infomercial tricks where they throw in a third bottle of OxiClean ABSOLUTELY FREE! Acting as if the cost of everything hasn’t already been calculated and passed onto the consumer. The IRA, you see, contains a “Methane Emissions Charge” that will impose…

One year later, Biden is right to have left Afghanistan

It’s a somber anniversary but the decision holds up

A driver’s license, if you can keep it

Americans should embrace more personal responsibility on the road

It’s time for feminists to say #MenToo

The great emancipation of women has brought the great emasculation of our brothers

Mary Gaitskill and the body electric

Why do we find the dark side of sexuality so terrifying?

What has Pelosi’s Taiwan trip wrought?

If Taipei interprets her visit as support for independence, it could trigger a crisis

Will Dobbs create a blue wave to match the red one?

Inexperienced GOP candidates plus renewed Democratic enthusiasm has some worried


Books and Arts

Why do films get canceled?

‘Batgirl’ is the latest movie to get the ax, and perhaps we should be grateful

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Vince McMahon’s final act

To say he’s the most indefatigable promoter that ever lived is an understatement

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Berlin as the unreal city

A new book makes you ask, somewhat apprehensively, what will happen there next

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The selfishness of rich socialists

Albert Brisbane somehow avoided sharing the wealth with his neighbors

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My encounters with the Mayans

The people are still here but their great cities have been swallowed by the jungle

I met a traveler from an antique land...” Visiting the Mayan ruins in Yucatán, it’s hard not to think of Shelley’s immortal “Ozymandias.” Proud though it once was, little remains of that extraordinary civilization. I began my encounter with the Maya at Chichen Itza. Gazing up at the spectacular faceted pyramid which dominates the complex, I…

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