The name’s Steele, Chris Steele

The discredited British spy is set to be interviewed Monday by George Stephanopoulos

Delicious. Christopher Steele, the single most discredited actor in the entire Trump Russia Collusion Hoax, is set to be interviewed Monday by George Stephanopoulos, the single most pompous of all the brood of lying, self-important talking heads that spent more than four years trashing Donald Trump. I know that there is stiff competition for that…

The Taliban learn just how hard governing Afghanistan is

A civil war America is thankfully no longer a part of

Italy’s anti-Green Pass movement has a new figurehead

One major problem is that pharmacies and hospitals will not cope with the spike in test demands

British MP David Amess killed at constituency surgery

Boris Johnson leads tributes to ‘one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics’

Rotten Tomatoes and the cultural gap between critics and audiences

Dave Chappelle’s special shows just how wide it can be

Woke California bans boys and girls toy sections

The sinking state tries to erase gender, the human race’s most instinctive feature

What’s on Biden’s mind?

The President’s health is a matter of national interest


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Crypto casino

The entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z has become notorious

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The link between spick and span, spanking and spoon

Whatever spick and span reminds us of, it is as an idiom with a cheery meaning of its own

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If the Croc fits

The most unflattering shoe to come to market in generations is now ubiquitous among disaffected youth

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The marvels of Chicken Marbella

The result is outrageously flavorsome: garlicky, winey, a balance of sweet, sour, and salty, all bathed in chicken juices

What is it about retro food? I don’t mean nostalgic food, from school dinner favorites to your grandmother’s signature dishes. I mean food you’ve probably never even tried. Thoroughly old-fashioned dishes that nevertheless light up your culinary imagination — or at least mine. I’m talking deviled eggs. Prawn cocktail. Beef stroganoff. Perhaps it’s because many…

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