Progressive scare tactics won’t work on Joe Manchin

He’s your archetypal politicker who believes legislation is best passed through compromise

Are progressives serious about winning over Joe Manchin? If so, they’ve got a funny way of showing it. The Democratic senator from West Virginia is one of the main obstacles preventing Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act from passing through budget reconciliation. Manchin has a problem with the bill’s $3.5 trillion price-tag and is pushing for a smaller…

What if America doesn’t want to ‘Build Back Better’?

Biden and company sneer at inflation but the public may not be buying what they’re selling

Pete Buttigieg’s high class problems

The smart set are explaining away the supply-chain fiasco as middle-class false consciousness

Who knew that governing was so ‘complicated’?

Not the Biden administration, apparently

Loudoun County’s vicious mediocrities

The woke school board covers up a sexual assault to stay in power

The name’s Steele, Chris Steele

The discredited British spy is set to be interviewed Monday by George Stephanopoulos

A brief history of embarrassing economic forecasts

Two variables matter most: accuracy, of course, but also timing


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What’s on Biden’s mind?

The President’s health is a matter of national interest

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Drinking with James Bond

Where to soak up the 007 mystique

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Goodbye, Lebanon

Farewell to a failed state

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Drinking with James Bond

Where to soak up the 007 mystique

James Bond’s most impressive talent is not his prowess as a spy or his skills of seduction. It’s his ability to always get exactly what he wants at the bar. In the 1954 novel Live and Let Die he orders a round of Old Fashioneds while on a train to meet Felix Leiter, his CIA opposite…

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