Old Glory, new anger

America’s mood is somewhere between despondency and revolt

America is no longer just angry. We have become a nation of wrath. It is a risky emotional condition, recognizable by our desire to obliterate our opponents. Wrath doesn’t seek reconciliation. It wants revenge. Nor does wrath want to accommodate what it can’t control. It wants to rub the slate clean. There is a wrathfulness…

There’s nothing wrong with Macron’s war on Islamism

It is undoubtedly true that Islamists and the western left have made common cause over the last 30 to 40 years

The rise of the noble liar

The fact-checkers may not be keeping track of these falsehoods anymore, but are the voters? 

What the hell is going on in DC?

The surge in crime is finally starting to affect Washington’s cozy and wealthy elite

No vax, no vote? Macron’s vaccine passport plan sparks fury

More than 175 demonstrations against the passe sanitaire are scheduled this weekend

Will vaccine efficacy decline over time?

Putting a firm figure on real-world vaccine effectiveness is like hitting a moving target

Lori Lightfoot’s inner Republican

Chicago is turning into New York, only with worse weather


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I remember Halston

Halston made American sportswear as chic as anything Paris couture houses were turning out

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Good luck enjoying eating salmon ever again

How to Love Animals: In a Human-Shaped World by Henry Mance reviewed

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Jason Ricci is my mentor, guru and anointed one

Lately my afternoons are spent with America’s no. 1 blues harmonica player and his tongue-blocking techniques

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Tacitus and the hypocrisy of cancel culture

Vitriolic pamphlets directed against Augustus were initially met with written rebuttals

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The man in the White Castle

From the pioneers of the bun to the cheek of Earl Butz

The world’s first fast-food restaurant chain. The first to sell over a billion hamburgers, to invent the carry-out and to offer discount coupons in the newspapers. Jewel of the American Midwest. Celebrating its centenary. Better burgers than McDonald’s, according to Consumer Reports. Still run as a family business. Some 377 US locations, and growing. Obsessively…

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