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America the busybody neighbor

Our foreign policy establishment acts like a Karen on the global stage

Imagine a neighbor who is constantly in everyone’s business. Perhaps you have such a person, or persons, in your own community. The neighbor complains about the paint colors of shutters, the height of lawn grass, and the number of cars parked on the street. You better hope he doesn’t find out about your backyard chicken…

China’s grave insult to the Catholic Church

The arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen shows the Vatican must stop legitimizing the CCP

Political debates have become unwatchable

I watched one so you don’t have to — and I learned nothing

The Blue Dog bloodbath could doom the Democrats

Progressives won big in the primaries. Will that hurt their party in the midterms?

Oregon’s nasty woman

Tina Kotek’s ruthless leftism isn’t what the state needs

Is Hillary’s lawyer cooked?

Former FBI counsel James Baker’s testimony spells trouble for Michael Sussmann

Abortion and our fear of loss

The message so often lately is that something big is about to be taken from us


Books and Arts

Return of the writing guide

Plus: mid-century rhymers, misunderstanding sleep and more

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Editor Picks

Tales from the ER

It turns out, you only know a place as well as you know its emergencies

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Blues for Pablo

An exhibition of early Picasso has landed at the Phillips Collection in Washington

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Cheugy, Gu and you

Luxury retail is as cheugy as any other kind

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The island that time forgot

A remote Chesapeake outpost is turning to soup

James Eskridge cuts a defiant figure as he rides around Tangier Island on his motorbike. The weathered, garrulous water man known to all as “Ooker” is the mayor, spokesman and public face of one of America’s most endangered communities. Buffeted by rising sea levels and relentless erosion, Tangier is not so slowly sinking into the shallow…

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