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How abortion falsehoods put lives at risk

Doctors speak out against colleagues more interested in politics than their patients

Margaret (not her real name) is a board certified OB-GYN practicing in a Catholic, pro-life hospital system in Michigan. Ever since the Dobbs decision this summer, abortion politics have made it harder to do her job. In particular, as she explained to me, messaging from pro-choice campaigners and politicians has left patients thinking that laws…

Is the Biden administration’s ‘non-binary’ hero a thief?

Sam Brinton allegedly stole a piece of checked luggage worth over $2,000

Why the lame-duck Congress is a threat to democracy

Lawmakers relish the fact that there is little to no accountability from voters

Hollywood has a crush on female cannibals

What’s behind the industry’s obsession with a new kind of flesh-eater?

The delusion that unites Biden and Macron

Why risk damage to the Franco-American relationship over electric cars?

Will 2023 be the year we discover the truth about Covid’s origins?

It is unthinkable that a credible investigation has not yet been conducted

Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter files’ demand answers from the government

To what extent did the state work with the tech companies to suppress speech?


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My travels in DeSantisland

I decided to spend some time in the Tampa suburb where he grew up

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Murillo the masterful

The Spaniard’s painterly skill outshines his congenital weakness for schmaltz

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Colony Grill’s culture remains

What Colony lacks in ash it makes up for with the world’s best pizza, one designed specifically for drinkers

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How I became a morning person

If I can do it, anyone can

For most of my life, I was a night owl. Up-and-at-‘em types would tease me for my sleeping-in habits. I’d go on the defensive by saying, yeah, you get up at the crack of dawn, but you’re also in bed by dusk like a nerd, whereas I burn the midnight oil like some mad genius…

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