Will Dr Fauci ever take responsibility for COVID’s emergence?

St Anthony was raked over hot coals by Sen. Rand Paul again this week

Listening to the testy exchange between Sen. Rand Paul and St — er, Dr Anthony Fauci the other day, I couldn’t help but think both of these famous lines from Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Marmion’: ‘Oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!’ ...and also this excellent ‘completion’ by J.R. Pope (‘A…

Lori Lightfoot’s inner Republican

Chicago is turning into New York, only with worse weather

Iran’s president is a mass murderer

Ebrahim Raisi was — and remains — Iran’s hanging judge

We conspiracists, we happy few

One thing we won’t stand for is usurpation. Fixing an election is not a good idea

A DC evening with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

The Belarusian opposition leader is Washington’s ‘It Girl’

The Brave New World of ‘sex-positive’ education 

We are entering into a decadent dystopia

My country, right or left

Today, the Democratic version of patriotism seems to be an endless stream of resentment and self-loathing


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Read Ray Bradbury before he’s canceled

Frankly, it’s a wonder we are allowed to read him at all

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Good luck enjoying eating salmon ever again

How to Love Animals: In a Human-Shaped World by Henry Mance reviewed

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Jason Ricci is my mentor, guru and anointed one

Lately my afternoons are spent with America’s no. 1 blues harmonica player and his tongue-blocking techniques

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Tacitus and the hypocrisy of cancel culture

Vitriolic pamphlets directed against Augustus were initially met with written rebuttals

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It’s time to cut back on the Olympics

We could afford to lose the sports where winning Olympic gold does not represent the pinnacle of that sport

Today, the world witnessed one of the most absurd spectacles in sporting history: a pricey, overblown ceremony exuding the usual platitudes about togetherness and international cooperation — delivered to an almost entirely empty stadium, just the use of light to give the illusion of an audience. The Tokyo Olympics has been seriously compromised by the…

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