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A postcard from Portland

Lost in pathological compassion, much of the city is allied with ‘campers’ and criminals

Portland is one of the nation’s most beautiful cities, positioned at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers. But fading livability hangs over it like a raw gray drizzle. After years of political mayhem and an explosion of drug-related homelessness and crime, the city’s fabled quality of life is plunging. Every taxpayer in the…

How two deaths shook Iran to its core

Mahsa Amini and the ailing Supreme Leader reveal a regime headed for crisis

Will the GOP blow the midterms?

The Republican enthusiasm advantage has all but disappeared

The Republican ‘Commitment to America’ feels like a Hail Mary

Unlike Newt Gingrich’s Contract, the rollout was botched and the policies are vague

No one wants a more sensitive James Bond

Hollywood is ‘evolving’ in the wrong direction

Brace yourself for a coup in Brazil

Bolsonaro is said to have been sounding out an appetite for autocracy

Hilary Mantel — a death before her time

English literature has been robbed of one of its most fascinating voices

Books and Arts

Scarface lands on post-woke Netflix

Subscribers are finally getting better content — along with a healthy dose of toxic masculinity

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The trouble with Tavistock

Abuse is heaped on anyone who has questioned the trend toward carelessness in youth gender medicine

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The time trap of Irma Vep

The HBO Max miniseries shows a rare interest in the present moment

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Is the right about to backslide on gay rights?

It’s been dismaying to see anti-gay sentiment bubbling up

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The thrill of sailing rough seas

The good thing is the discomfort, which separates the men from the girls

I suppose there’s always a first time — looking back it was bound to happen. I scrambled off a sailing boat and took the coward’s way out after being bashed about by an angry Poseidon and a furious Aeolus. Actually it was the wife who couldn’t take it anymore and I simply went along. Sixty…

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