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Joe Biden will never change

Pundits fantasized that he was a competent politician. Reality bites

During a rare press conference today, which lasted well over an hour, President Joe Biden told the press corps that he “didn’t believe the polls,” said he’d “over-performed” in his first year, accomplishing more than any president in history in his first year, scolded RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann and blamed the country for somehow misunderstanding…

Crossing the Omicron Rubicon

It looks like the beginning of the end for Covid, but will we ever get our freedoms back?

Biden needs a reset. He’s not alone

Plus: The deepening Democratic exodus and mask wars at the Supreme Court

Where does Joss Whedon go now?

The talented writer-director is disgraced but Hollywood loves a penitent comeback

Biden’s phony empathy for migrant families

He promised those separated at the border would receive compensation. Guess what actually happened.

Hating the January 6 ‘sedition hunters’

They seek to bring justice to the rioters but they fail to realize they’re just pawns in a political game

The false mystery of motives

The evil that we saw at a Texas synagogue is not senseless. It is self-gratifying


Books and Arts

Writing and the conservative impulse

All writers are, in a certain sense, conservative

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On literary cross-dressing

The pre-woke literary world considered authorial freedom sacrosanct

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Getting drunk on tiramisu

The dessert has a detailed creation myth

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Get set for the Great Reset

What our elites seek is coercion by apocalypse, transforming our free society as we know it

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Mark Twain in Buffalo

Mark Twain would be hopelessly out of favor with both wings of the modern duopoly

“Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense,” wrote Mark Twain in an age before irreverence became a hanging, or at least exiling, offense. Perhaps the more apt aphorism today belongs to Edward Abbey: “The distrust of wit is the beginning of tyranny.” (The distrust of half-wit, I suppose, is the beginning…

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