Cockburn noticed, like everyone else, that Donald Trump tweeted about abortion earlier this week.

This is a good point on which Trump can hurt the Democrats, who have been gripped by a feminist fervor on the question of what to do about about unwanted babies. But Cockburn can’t help but wonder, at some level in Trump’s complicated mind, a worried conscience is screaming for help.

Cockburn has heard an intriguing, well-placed rumor that Congressional Democrats will today grill Michael Cohen about whether he knew of payments to women (allegedly) for abortions of Trump’s unwanted babies. This, it is said, could have done been through the same method of ‘catch and kill’ (literally, perhaps, in this case) that Trump allegedly used to silence the model Karen McDougal and stop her from embarrassing the President with her dirty laundry.

Some sources claim that two of Trump’s mistresses have had abortions. This could be classic anti-Trump whispering, but there is no denying that if you are a man who sleeps around, as it seems the President has done, you may find yourself siring children you don’t want.

Cohen hasn’t spoken yet about abortions,  but he has just talked about the potentially illegal ‘catch and kill’ payment to Trump. That’s bad. But abortions would be much, much more damaging to the President.

It could all be false. Cohen seems determined to cause as much of a stink as he can: so perhaps he doesn’t know anything about abortions and perhaps there weren’t any. But the rumor is not going away and we may be about to hear it aired in the most public forum possible.

UPDATE 2/27 12:50p.m., ET: Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois’s eighth district asked Cohen whether Trump arranged healthcare procedures for women outside his family.