Kimberly Guilfoyle has a surprising message for Catholics come November: vote for Donald J. Trump. The former Fox News host, now senior adviser to the President’s reelection campaign and girlfriend of Don Jr, spoke Monday about the role her Catholic faith plays in supporting Trump.

While Guilfoyle makes some convincing arguments, Cockburn has a feeling her checkered past may scare some Catholics away.

West Coasters certainly remember Guilfoyle for when she was married to then-San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, who of course is now the governor of the Golden State. At the time, Guilfoyle was known to be a charming figure, with her media nickname being ‘the babe of the San Francisco bar’. She was quite open about her sex life too. Here’s Guilfoyle speaking about Newsom at a 2004 LGBT advocacy fundraiser.

‘“Is he hot?” Yeah.

‘“Is he hung?” Yeah.

‘“Is he (she waved her hand to suggest bisexual)?” Not unless you can give a better (she mimicked eating a banana) than me,” Guilfoyle Newsom said.’

Cockburn has a feeling that wasn’t the most Catholic setting. Although that was a long time ago — people change. Guilfoyle went on to divorce Newsom, remarry, and divorce again, before being romantically linked to Trump press secretary Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci in 2017.

Guilfoyle raised her profile as a co-host on Fox News’s The Five, eventually leaving the company in 2018. By sheer coincidence, she began dating Donald Trump Jr in May of that year while he was separating from his wife Vanessa and officially began her work with Team Trump. Later reporting suggested she was pushed out at Fox after a human resources investigation regarding alleged misconduct. Former colleagues claimed she often talked of sexual matters in the workplace, most notably showing coworkers pictures of male genitalia.

Still, Guilfoyle assured an audience at a Catholics for Trump event Monday that she is a ‘devout Catholic’ (which sparked a trad debate of its own on Twitter). Cockburn doesn’t know her personally, so he’ll take her word. And she certainly made a convincing case for Catholics to vote red. Guilfoyle noted Trump’s strong record on religious liberty and pro-life issues while ripping Democrats, such as her ex-husband, who have been shutting down church services amid the pandemic.