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Teresa Mull

Teresa Mull is an assistant editor at The Spectator World.


Why does Hollywood ruin literature’s best characters?

What Kenneth Branagh has done to Poirot borders on literary mutiny

By Teresa Mull


America’s rural population is shrinking

The trend that spells doom for the country

By Teresa Mull


Ash Wednesday and the gift of guilt

A proper dose of guilt here in modern America might be just what we need

By Teresa Mull


Why Old Crow is America’s bourbon

Mitch McConnell’s favorite whiskey is the very essence of our country’s rise and fall

By Teresa Mull


P.J. O’Rourke mastered the art of teasing

The late great satirist chose pleasant ribbing over contempt, and made us all laugh along the way

By Teresa Mull


Politics should be more like fantasy football

Government should be small and entertaining — with the ability to bench and cut congressmen, of course

By Teresa Mull


I sold my soul to a cosmetics store

Makeup is a zillion-dollar American industry but get ready to lose your self-esteem

By Teresa Mull


The joie de vivre of Emily in Paris

It’s a charming escape from all the virtue-signaling and haranguing — which is why the elite critics hate it

By Teresa Mull


Country music drowns out cancel culture

The snitches came for Morgan Wallen — until his fans fought back

By Teresa Mull


Time for a national snow day

The best part of being a child should make a return to adult life — if only for a day

By Teresa Mull


Covid is no excuse to dress like a slob

Time to get rid of the ‘athleisure’ wear and start caring about our appearances again

By Teresa Mull


Big government is ruining trucking

Why can’t companies retain truckers? One reason is that a bureaucratic mandate has changed the industry

By Teresa Mull


Fall is America’s sentimental season

It’s a bittersweet time, a nostalgic one, when we come home to our true selves

By Teresa Mull


‘Let’s go Brandon’ is a rallying cry for freedom

This is how people communicate when authorities become repressive and speech is covered up

By Teresa Mull


Why millennials love Halloween way too much

There’s a reason we need that escapism

By Teresa Mull

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