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Peter W. Wood

Peter W. Wood is president of the National Association of Scholars. A former professor of anthropology and college provost, he is the author of Wrath: America Enraged and 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project.


Is Europe a continent? Does it matter? 

The ‘continent’ is a lot more than what Nikole Hannah-Jones considers a racist ‘dog whistle’

By Peter W. Wood


Our present bewilderment

Greta Thunberg-style eco-apocalypse ranting is now common sense on the left

By Peter W. Wood


The art of the Covid protest song

They are angry at vaccines mandates, vaccine passports, but mostly at government highhandedness

By Peter W. Wood


Black History Month and the usable past

Aggregate history washes away the details that represent an actual life lived

By Peter W. Wood


J.P. Morgan and our gilded age

The house of Morgan — the literal house of Morgan — is tying itself into knots to ‘prioritize’ all things black

By Peter W. Wood


Who really deserves to have their honorary degree revoked?

Whom we honor and whom we cast out are decisions that may have little to do with who people really are

By Peter W. Wood


How China meddles in American academia

Rather than facing up to the threat China poses on American college campuses, the White House seems to want us to get along happily with our friends across the Taiwan Strait

By Peter W. Wood


The false mystery of motives

The evil that we saw at a Texas synagogue is not senseless. It is self-gratifying

By Peter W. Wood

Time for the CDC to get a clue

And cool it with the Covid hysteria

By Peter W. Wood

Science & Tech

E.O. Wilson and the climate cult

My run-in with the late sociobiologist

By Peter W. Wood


Anthropology has turned its back on its legacy

At its best, the discipline taught us that our follies are as universal as our aspirations

By Peter W. Wood


The meaning of trees aflame

To set fire to a public Christmas tree is to express destructive glee against the sentiments of the season

By Peter W. Wood

Science & Tech

The climate change conformists

It’s always easier to feel certain about that which is uncertain. Just ask Joe Biden

By Peter W. Wood


Why discord delights

Moderation is for milquetoasts

By Peter W. Wood


Down with Strunk and White

Followers of the style guide don’t understand what a versatile, vigorous sentence can do

By Peter W. Wood

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