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Paul du Quenoy


The view from Palm Beach of the Mar-a-Lago raid

‘The universal cry is “We are now a third-world country!”’

By Paul du Quenoy


Gavin Newsom does not want to pick a fight with Florida

No one believes he rules over a magic kingdom

By Paul du Quenoy


The night the masks came off

At last we’re free from the government’s performative safetyism

By Paul du Quenoy


New York City’s desperate attempt to lure Floridians

Mayor Eric Adams says ‘come to a city where you can say and be whoever you want.’ Yeah, right

By Paul du Quenoy


Joe Biden and the realities of the N-word

The unspeakable utters the unsayable

By Paul du Quenoy


The dead Kennedys: Joe blows it in Massachusetts

Young Joe’s failure is hardly unique in his family milieu

By Paul du Quenoy


Harping on Harper’s

The revolution finally reaches the doorstep of the media elite

By Paul du Quenoy

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