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Niall Ferguson


Volodymyr Zelensky is a hero of our time

In an age when the democratic world has grown accustomed to phony leadership, it gives you a jolt to encounter the real thing

By Niall Ferguson

Science & Tech

How science fiction novels read the future

Science fiction can prepare us for what happens next

By Niall Ferguson


Putin is looking to rebuild Russia’s empire

Peter the Great is his hero, much more than Stalin

By Niall Ferguson


The China model: why is the West imitating Beijing?

It is one thing to compete with China. But the minute we start copying them, we are on the path to perdition

By Niall Ferguson


Who will win the corona wars?

History shows plagues are bad for big empires with weak frontiers: ask the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius

By Niall Ferguson

The people’s decade: how will history come to define the 2010s?

The past 10 years may be depicted as a tale of two Etonians: David Cameron and Boris Johnson

By Niall Ferguson

Tech vs Trump: the great battle of our time has begun

In the 1962 Japanese sci-fi classic King Kong vs Godzilla, the two giant monsters fight to a stalemate atop Mount Fuji. I have been wondering for some time when the two giants of American social media would square up for what promises to be a comparably brutal battle. Finally, it began last month — and […]

By Niall Ferguson

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