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Matt Strauss

A medic’s case against another lockdown

If lockdowns were a prescription drug for COVID-19 treatment, the FDA would never have approved it

By Matt Strauss

The underground doctors’ movement questioning the use of ventilators

While most governments were in a mad dash to manufacture ventilators for COVID-19, a burgeoning movement within the medical community was starting to question their use

By Matt Strauss

Who gets a ventilator?

How medical practitioners allocate life-saving treatments

By Matt Strauss

Ventilators aren’t a panacea for a pandemic like coronavirus

We do not know how many lives ventilators could or will save

By Matt Strauss

Herd immunity might still be crucial in the fight against coronavirus

If there was a way to safely grant two-thirds of a society COVID-19 immunity, the pandemic would stop

By Matt Strauss

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