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Mary Kate Skehan

Mary Kate Skehan works in book publishing and is a Spectator columnist.


Sheryl Sandberg leans out

She needs even her mixed-legacy departure to somehow be a feminist act

By Mary Kate Skehan

And Finally

Tales from the ER

It turns out, you only know a place as well as you know its emergencies

By Mary Kate Skehan


The millennial kitchen

Millennial chefs are phoning it in

By Mary Kate Skehan


Crypto casino

The entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z has become notorious

By Mary Kate Skehan

Science & Tech

Hot vax summer

Despite the much-anticipated ‘shot girl summer’, life hasn’t snapped back to normal

By Mary Kate Skehan


My role in our demographic disaster

Children and families are the hottest topics in politics — and I can’t help but feel left out

By Mary Kate Skehan


The all-American pleasure of minor league baseball

Our logo is a bald eagle with a baseball clutched improbably in its beak

By Mary Kate Skehan


How to fight with your family

We should aspire to a better quality of family argument

By Mary Kate Skehan


On the frontlines of the Pennsylvania gas station war

Me, I’m a Sheetz girl. My first date was at a Sheetz

By Mary Kate Skehan


Help yourself to self-help

I’m hopeful about the current self-help trends

By Mary Kate Skehan


Made of honor: the complexities of a COVID wedding

Attention-shy couples can elope guilt-free, while bridezillas get to be bossier than ever

By Mary Kate Skehan


The decadence of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded record

Shouldn’t my tastes have evolved in the past 13 years?

By Mary Kate Skehan

Middle East

Is the truth about burn pits too toxic?

My brother, his cancer and the political disregard for veterans

By Mary Kate Skehan


Why Grüner is my go-to

If I was ever unsure what to ask for, anywhere in Europe, I was not to panic

By Mary Kate Skehan


The Windsors are the first and best reality TV family

The Oprah/Meghan special was two hours of juicy and totally irrelevant gossip. What bliss

By Mary Kate Skehan

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