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Mark Mason

Science & Tech

What does it feel like to fly?

Trying a jetsuit in southeast England

By Mark Mason


The marvels of the Connaught Hotel

Charles de Gaulle was a resident during World War Two

By Mark Mason

The thrill of fear

Human beings love being scared witless

By Mark Mason


Hate in a damp climate

The Denial by Ross Clark reviewed

By Mark Mason

Where’s the fun in soccer without the fans?

At dull matches, the fans are the best thing

By Mark Mason


From ABBA to Pet Shop Boys: how bands got their names

The Ramones were paying tribute to Paul McCartney, who used the pseudonym ‘Paul Ramon’ when checking into hotels

By Mark Mason


How to work from home (according to Churchill, Einstein and Napoleon)

As P.G. Wodehouse finished each page of a book he was writing, he would pin it to his office wall at a height indicating how good it was

By Mark Mason

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