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Esther Watson


Help, I can’t stop watching Sex/Life

Netflix has produced the most horrendously compelling show of all time

By Esther Watson


Friends: The Reunion turned out to be a pointless nostalgia-fest

The much-hyped comeback was a waste of time

By Esther Watson


Meghan is filling the gossip-shaped hole in our universe

What we really want is a sense of the acrimony and the bitchiness

By Esther Watson


The mixed morality of Veganuary

Is cutting out animal products always the most ethical choice?

By Esther Watson


A holly Dolly Christmas

Parton hits all the right notes with her Christmas classics

By Esther Watson


The mystery of Melania Trump

She will mostly be remembered by her refusal to fully embrace the antiquated role of First Lady

By Esther Watson

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