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Esther O’Reilly

Esther O'Reilly is an American freelance writer and cultural critic. Her work has appeared in Plough, Quillette, the American Conservative and the Critic, among other outlets. She also contributed to the Lexham Press anthology Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson.


Seventy-five years of It’s a Wonderful Life

In George Bailey, we see our own fathers, our own brothers and husbands and sons

By Esther O’Reilly


Richard Dawkins’s views on Down’s syndrome aren’t a surprise

Is Dawkins perhaps just being a logical atheist?

By Esther O’Reilly


A morning in a diner with Michigan’s COVID rebels

At one point, a biker in a Trump mask briefly pops in, sees the full house and leaves a generous tip

By Esther O’Reilly

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