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Daniel Rey

Book Review

A fatal clash of civilizations

Conquistadores: A New History of Spanish Discovery and Conquest by Fernando Cervantes reviewed

By Daniel Rey

Middle East

What was the point of the war in Afghanistan?

The withdrawal, at a time of grave uncertainty, reinforces the futility of US involvement in the first place

By Daniel Rey

Book Review

A death foretold: the last days of Gabriel García Márquez

A Farewell to Gabo and Mercedes: A Son’s Memoir of Gabriel García Márquez and Mercedes Barcha by Rodrigo García reviewed

By Daniel Rey


Could street protests finally topple Cuba’s communist regime?

After six decades of rule, the Cuban government is facing the inevitable generational shift for which it seems ill-prepared

By Daniel Rey


It’s time to scrap the Best Actress Oscar

If the industry is genuinely in favor of gender equality, then the best women need to be pitted against the best men

By Daniel Rey


How 20th-century artists rescued the Crucifixion

After centuries of sanitization, modern representations have imbued Christ’s death with its original potency

By Daniel Rey

Book Review

Russian roulette

Dostoevsky in Love: An Intimate Life by Alex Christofi reviewed

By Daniel Rey

Prince Charles’s trip to Cuba is a big mistake

The royal trip may be historic, but no matter how you spin it, commercially, it is a complete waste of time

By Daniel Rey


Prophet, priest and King: understanding the real MLK

His work was framed by Scripture

By Daniel Rey

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