Andrew Roberts


In defense of King George III

Lockdown has been generally good for authors in terms of book sales, but the closure of archives and libraries for research has been a problem

By Andrew Roberts

Book Review

A Churchill character assassination too far?

Churchill’s Shadow: The Life and Afterlife of Winston Churchill by Geoffrey Wheatcroft reviewed

By Andrew Roberts

What can business learn from war leaders?

Almost nothing

By Andrew Roberts


Churchill was all in favour of a united Europe — as long as it didn’t include Britain

Dr Felix Klos is an extremely personable, highly intelligent American-Dutch historian who has undertaken much archival research, worked extremely hard and is an excellent writer. In trying to persuade us that Churchill favoured Britain joining a federal Europe, however, he comes up against several immovable obstacles. The most serious of these is that in the […]

By Andrew Roberts


Andrew Roberts’s guide to Churchill on screen

From Soviet propaganda and revisionist nonsense to Simon Ward and Gary Oldman: the best and worst Churchills on film and TV

By Andrew Roberts

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