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Amber Athey

Amber Athey is The Spectator’s Washington editor and a senior fellow at the Steamboat Institute. Amber was previously White House correspondent for the Daily Caller and a co-host of O’Connor & Company on WMAL.


What’s so wrong with Netflix’s Purple Hearts?

The movie offers near-perfect messaging for post-woke Netflix

By Amber Athey


Is this the right’s answer to woke corporatism?

New Founding promises an alternative to a leftist vision of commerce

By Amber Athey


The Mar-a-Lago raid is pure political intimidation

FBI agents were sent into Donald Trump’s home over a quibble about documents?

By Amber Athey


Taylor Swift finally faces the woke mob

Her response to reports about her private jet sparks ire

By Amber Athey

Science & Tech

TikTok can’t escape its China problem

Cheap entertainment is not worth the CCP using your phone as a listening device

By Amber Athey


Donald Trump returns to Washington

‘We had made America great again… We may just have to do it again.’

By Amber Athey


Leave Chris Pratt alone!

The internet grudge against the actor has gone way too far

By Amber Athey

Campaign 2022

Why conservatives fell out of love with Larry Hogan

His handpicked successor lost handily to a Trump favorite

By Amber Athey


Prince Harry needs to shut up about our Constitution already

The former royal thinks he knows what’s best for Americans

By Amber Athey


Friends creator falls victim to white guilt

Insane apologies in woke world

By Amber Athey


Celebrating the Fourth in free Florida

Bad drivers, happy faces, and unmatched patriotism

By Amber Athey


Why we should doubt Cassidy Hutchinson

Secret Service agents are prepared to contradict her

By Amber Athey


Greg Abbott is right about open borders

‘These deaths are on Biden’

By Amber Athey


Alison Roman joins the cancel brigade

Beware Republican potato rolls…

By Amber Athey

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