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Addison Del Mastro

Addison Del Mastro is an assistant editor at The Spectator World. He writes daily at his Substack, The Deleted Scenes.

Book Review

NIMBYs to the left of me, YIMBYs to the left

Yes to the City: Millennials and the Fight for Affordable Housing by Max Holleran reviewed

By Addison Del Mastro


In defense of Northern Virginia

Washington’s suburbs are more than just sprawl and traffic jams

By Addison Del Mastro


Against the ‘concept restaurant’

A standard, familiar menu can channel and enhance creativity

By Addison Del Mastro


The sad demise of Amish family-style restaurants

A simplified but real piece of their legacy culture is disappearing

By Addison Del Mastro


Conservatives should embrace urbanism

It’s the spirit that built America

By Addison Del Mastro


The Christmas carol canon that could have been

Pheasants? ‘Dickory dock’? Here’s how a narrow slice of our history changed the holidays forever

By Addison Del Mastro


Maybe Hawaii should be independent

The state has a complex pride and history — just don’t call it anti-American

By Addison Del Mastro


The patriotism of CNN’s ‘magic wall’

Elections are about the only time left when we remember how vast and wonderful America is

By Addison Del Mastro

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