So, the party of peace and love is planing to riot in New York, Washington and other places where their acolytes have critical mass. They’ve put the world on notice about that. And they’ve been assiduous in pushing a rationale: that the polls all along have had Joe Biden ahead. Ergo, if Joe Biden loses, it will be because Trump stole the election. This tweet sums up the logic:

‘Polls released now on the eve of the Election are predictive polls & no longer “snapshot in time” polls. If @JoeBiden leads by double digits, but @realDonaldTrump somehow “wins” by a point or two, it won’t be the polls that are wrong — the fix will be in.’

There is a bonus, too. The author’s Twitter ID informs us that ‘All you need to know is that I love 🇺🇸 deeply and ask, that if you do too, please vote @joebiden by Nov. 3rd.’

How about it, Virginia, do you love 🇺🇸 deeply, too?

After you remove the air sickness bag from your face and don the Fauci Approved Virtue-Signaling Face-mask, ask yourself about the premise of this argument. (I say nothing about its cogency as a goad to action). Have the polls been uniformly in favor of Biden this last week or so?

No. In fact, quite the contrary. The polls nationwide and in the battleground have been tightening for about two weeks. As of a couple of days ago, Trump was up in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Florida, Michigan and Nevada.

Then of course there was the Iowa poll of a few days ago — a poll that is widely considered a bellwether. It had Trump up 48 percent to Biden’s 41 percent: devastating news for camp Biden.

And let’s not forget the Sunday Express poll, which has Trump ‘set to win US presidency by electoral college landslide.’

Add all that — as well as polls by Rasmussen, the Trafalgar Group and others — to the evidence of your eyes — the evidence, above all, of the non-stop rallies Trump has held across the country, three, four, even five a day, culminating with huge events in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan these last few days: what do you have? I say you have a red wave.

But here is the question, will it be a wave of sufficient power to swamp the deliberate fraud and litigation planned by the Democrats? We don’t yet know the answer to that. It might be, though it is clear that the threatened insurrection and property damage is meant to intimidate. ‘Give in and we’ll stop’ is the message.

Will it work? I don’t think so. If the country is lucky, Trump’s victory will be incontrovertible in enough states that the election can be called tonight. We’ll know soon enough. One thing, however, is already clear, the rationale given for the impending bad behavior by Democrats is utterly specious. Trump is ahead in most polls now and it would be his defeat, not his victory, that would be highly anomalous.