Apparently, there are still a few people left who did not get the memo about wrongthink. After Twitter dredged up an interview Mario Lopez did with conservative personality Candace Owens in June, he was promptly schooled: it is 2019, after all, and no longer acceptable to ask questions about transgender doctrine. In response to Owens’s comments about the ‘weird trend’ wherein celebrities believe their kids have the ‘mental authority’ to ‘pick their gender’, Lopez agreed, saying he was ‘blown away, too.’ The actor and host of Extra added that he thought it was ‘dangerous as a parent’ to accept a three-year-old’s announcement that they are the opposite sex as concrete fact.

I mean, God forbid we, as Lopez suggests, ‘think about the repercussions later on’ of transitioning very young children to the opposite sex (a thing that is impossible to do, in any case). Naturally, the internet exploded with self-righteous commentary. Noted sex researcher and political commentator Kathy Griffin tweeted:

‘Can confirm he has thought this way for many years. Sat next to him and civilly argued these points several years ago when we were working on a TV show together. He’s dug in with this backward nonsense. Told me I didn’t get it because it was a “Latin thing.”’