The English raconteur Quentin Crisp once said, ‘health consists of having the same diseases as one’s neighbors.’ Perhaps no community knows that to be truer than the homosexuals, mankind’s unwavering disease vectors.

Yet while chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and the like have always been freely passed around the gay community like a platter of hors d’oeuvres, for months a civil war has been brewing over the blatant refusal of many gays to adhere to lockdown and social distancing orders mandated by the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The skirmish reached fever pitch last week after a gay circuit party in Rio de Janeiro was shut down by authorities and photos of gays celebrating New Years en masse in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico flooded social media. An Instagram account called GaysOverCovid formed, with the intent of doxxing and shaming any gay man caught boasting about having fun and attending parties. The account published names, photos, and workplaces of the men pictured. In just a few days, the account garnered over 100,000 followers.

You can only imagine the sort of basement-dwelling, hose-fed hobgoblin dedicating his time to such an endeavor. In response to the account, a Facebook group formed called Gays Over Karens. ‘I see these bitter shady queens blasting event producers, promoters, DJs, and even frontline workers,’ the page reads, ‘when I see you all doing your own kikis, hooking up on Grindr, traveling, and doing your “private” social gatherings.’ Another user on Facebook offered a $500 reward for anyone who can produce the identity of the person behind the GaysOverCovid Instagram account. ‘Let it be known we are coming for them,’ the post warned.

By Monday morning, as the circuit queens slept off their ketamine doses, the GaysOverCovid account mysteriously disappeared overnight. A second account, GaysOverCovid2.0 sprang up with an inaugural post declaring that the circuit queens may have ‘won the battle but not the war’. Then hours later the original account reappeared.

The resoundingly obvious motivation behind the GaysOverCovid account is an ax to grind against attractive people having fun, one that must long pre-date COVID-19. Those targeted by the account are young, handsome, extremely fit and predominately white.

In October, the city of Atlanta hosts two gay pride weekends, segregated by race. The gay pride celebration is followed by black gay pride. This year, gay blogs blasted the city’s much reduced gay pride events after videos surfaced of attendees violating social distancing orders. Yet the following weekend, when revelers of black gay pride weekend did the same, the blogs were silent.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. COVID-19 has emboldened all sorts of repulsive, spiritually-mangled petty despots in our society grappling to secure a modicum of relevance as they waltz through the day finger-wagging and injecting themselves into the business of others. This behavior has nothing to do with public health or a benevolent regard for the safety of someone’s obese grandmother. Like everything that drives the political left, it’s about vengeance and envy. And where race is concerned, black people — who’ve generally been more defiant against mask mandates and social distancing orders — are immune from criticism, namely because the left infantilizes them.

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When it comes to the circuit queens, let’s face it: most these whores probably got the antibodies back in February. And it’s not as though any of these queens anytime soon are going to be within six feet of the olds, the fats, or any other group at risk for severe complications due to the virus. COVID-19 is now more of a political issue than one of public health. And the circuit queens are unwittingly engaged in a political act when they gather intoxicated and half-naked in the dozens or hundreds to writhe about, whether they realize it or not. Granted, none of these queens have ever had a political thought in their minds ever before. Voting straight Democrat, as they do, isn’t political for them. It’s just an empty gesture of social tithing.

Rather than fighting back against GaysOverCovid, the circuit queens run and hide. Gays have extraordinary prowess in shaping culture and an outsized influence in media. The popularity of GaysOverCovid has presented a unique situation to rebel against cancel culture but instead the circuit queens resort to secret underground parties, lock their social media accounts and cower before the grotesque, green-eyed distant cousins now attempting to ruin their lives. For a community that has made the notion of ‘pride’ their battle cry, it is amazing how quickly gays weaponize shame.

Still, you can’t be too upset with GaysOverCovid namely because the whole thing is wildly entertaining. It exposed how truly callow the larger gay community has become. The domestication of the homosexual killed Tom of Finland and elevated Pete Buttigieg. Whereas once being an out-and-proud pillow-biting nancy boy meant you had nothing else to lose in life, the normalization of homosexuality and the equality movement means society’s once-reliable iconoclasts, degenerates, libertines and mischief-makers have become neutered and increasingly fearful of stepping out of line. That’s the real tragedy.