The Special Relationship between the US and Britain was bolstered further on Saturday: Candace Owens, the PragerU host, #Blexit movement founder, and former communications director for Turning Point USA, wed British hedge fund manager and Turning Point UK leader, George Farmer. The wedding, which appears to have been a joyous occasion, took place at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Va.

While Owens is well-known for her political activism in the US — stirring controversy by calling on black Americans to abandon the ‘Democratic plantation’ and attracting the attention of President Trump — her newly-wed husband is also no stranger to the world of politics. Aside from being the chairman of Turning Point UK, Farmer is a former Brexit party candidate and the son of Michael Farmer, former Conservative party treasurer and member of the House of Lords.

The couple met in December for the launch of Turning Point UK and were engaged the following January. Speaking on the pace of their romance, Owens noted in an interview with her then-fiancé that ‘the people that I know in my life, where their relationships have last the longest — always a very quick engagement.’ Farmer, it seems, is also a man for expedience: after two-and-a-half weeks of dating, he proposed to Owens over a FaceTime call.

While Cockburn was regrettably not invited to the wedding (a simple FaceTime call would have sufficed), he hears the guest list included some notable right-wing personalities: Brexit party leader Nigel Farage, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. (although it’s unclear if his pool boy was also invited), conservative radio host Larry Elder, Facebook-banished Paul Joseph Watson, and actor and celebrity Trump supporter Jon Voight.

With a crew like that, it’s no surprise the wedding reception got out of control. Watson tweeted out a now-deleted video of a ‘MAGA cringe dance party.’

All things considered, Cockburn congratulates Mr and Mrs Farmer on their nuptials and for strengthening Atlanticist ties in a nervy time for our two nations.

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