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Christopher Snowdon


The Great British junk food crusade is absurd

No government anywhere has introduced such far-reaching restrictions on food marketing as the British

By Christopher Snowdon


Don’t listen to the health fascists — drink up

If alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle, it is difficult to demonize

By Christopher Snowdon


The lost boys: the white working class is being left behind

These children are the forgotten demographic

By Christopher Snowdon


Beware the COVID-19 nannies!

Our bossy lifestyle regulators are making the most of this crisis

By Christopher Snowdon

Science & Tech

Dispersing the clouds of the vape panic myth

Illicit THC products are the problem

By Christopher Snowdon

How Canada failed to smash the cannabis black market

High prices, plain packaging and restrictive licensing conditions have deterred long-term users from switching to the legal market

By Christopher Snowdon

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