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Bobby Miller


Time for a constitutional amendment on abortion

We must enshrine the right to life

By Bobby Miller

Campaign 2022

Trump’s boys take a hiding down in Georgia

How valuable is a primary endorsement from 45, really?

By Bobby Miller


The Ohio Senate race becomes a clown show

Josh Mandel tries to fight another candidate but J.D. Vance is still the worst

By Bobby Miller


A law school excommunicates a heretic

Ilya Shapiro is under attack for criticizing Biden’s identity politics — but will the right stand up?

By Bobby Miller


The real villains of January 6

Even more than the rioters, the politicians who knew better deserve blame

By Bobby Miller


Josh Mandel, true conservative?

His campaign has been juvenile right-wing theater, but he’s still better than J.D. Vance

By Bobby Miller

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