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The FBI kills a mosquito with a howitzer

The Mar-a-Lago raid could be a grievous blow to the Justice Department’s legitimacy

Since the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound on Monday, the Democratic Party’s resistance leaders have been tumescent. Former Justice Department officials are going on television to give an expert gloss to the prospect of the 45th president finally getting prosecuted. Former solicitor general Neil Katyal, for example, told MSNBC on Monday evening that if…

Why those ‘Dark Brandon’ memes are so revealing

Are Democrats stoking temptations that Biden could take out Trump?

When the Clintons ransacked the White House

Donald Trump was right to point out the double standard after the Mar-a-Lago raid

The Mar-a-Lago raid is pure political intimidation

FBI agents were sent into Donald Trump’s home over a quibble about documents?

So he thinks he’s Reagan now, does he?

Team Biden believes they’re due for a 1984-style comeback. Not quite

It’s time for feminists to say #MenToo

The great emancipation of women has brought the great emasculation of our brothers

The gerontocracy goes on a spending spree

Ancient senators voting through Biden’s spending package felt like a farce


Books and Arts

Why do films get canceled?

Batgirl is the latest movie to get the ax

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Vince McMahon’s final act

To say he’s the most indefatigable promoter that ever lived is an understatement

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Berlin as the unreal city

A new book makes you ask, somewhat apprehensively, what will happen there next

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The selfishness of rich socialists

Albert Brisbane somehow avoided sharing the wealth with his neighbors

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A driver’s license, if you can keep it

Americans should embrace more personal responsibility on the road

I remember still the foreboding language and tone when I was learning to drive in New Jersey over a decade ago. First, you needed to earn your permit. Never forget that driving is a privilege, not a right (which only works if driving is an option, not effectively a requirement, though drivers ed isn’t in…

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