Pity the poor Never Trumpets at the Weekly Standard!

All they wanted was a bit of creative instability in the Middle East and Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush or David French or just about anyone in the White House other than Donald J Trump.

And yet here we are two years into the Trump administration and they are still fighting the good fight and getting voicemails from readers like this (WARNING DEPLORABLE LANGUAGE):

The full transcript:

“I’m nearly 60 years old. I voted Republican November 1980 for the first time in my life and I’ve never checked a Democrat box, ever, in my entire life. I can promise you, you people are as far from conservative as Husein is from being Hawaiian. You people are frauds, liars, fake news. You put yourselves out as conservative Americans and you are Democrat-supporting scumbags, is what you are. Bill Kristol is a LIAR. You have no way to contact any of you people ANYWHERE on your in-online website stub, that is a factual situation aligned with every single liar Democrat communist site on the internet. You are FOOLS. You are fooling people every time you go on faux-news and pretend to tell the story of Mitt Romney and all these liar-John McCain and all these liar RINO F***S that are destroying my country. You are a DISGRACE, calling yourselves conservatives. NOBODY in any of that plethora of garbage you people produce are conservative. Scumbag animals is what you f***ers are. F*** off, die every one of you, you destroyed my nation, you are LIARS, deceivers, you are Glenn Beck-fraud-f***s is what you people are.”