Welcome to Spectator USA, a new website from the world’s oldest weekly magazine. For 190 years, The Spectator has been producing some of the sharpest, funniest and best-written journalism. Now we want to do more of the same for an American audience. Spectator USA will cover politics, culture and life in America. We’ll also offer American readers the best articles from the British Spectator on world affairs. Our magazine’s reputation is founded on our unique approach to the art of journalism and the many brilliant writers we’ve published down the years: GK Chesterton, John Buchan, Graham Greene, John Betjeman, Evelyn and Auberon Waugh, Ian Fleming, Henry Fairlie, Alexander Chancellor, Iris Murdoch, Christopher and Peter Hitchens, Peregrine Worsthorne, Michael Lewis, Mark Steyn, Rod Liddle, Lionel Shriver…we could go on.

The magazine will continue to discover and promote literary talent. For Spectator USA, we’re bringing on board new American writers such as Jacob Heilbrunn, Roger Kimball, Daniel McCarthy and many more. A new blog called Cockburn (the ck is silent), a cousin to Steerpike in Britain, will indulge in mischief, mayhem, and gossip.

The Spectator is pro-America and pro-Americans. At a time when the 45th President often appears to have made the world go mad, we promise not to be crazily for or crazily against the Donald. We promise always to see that the world is far bigger than politics. Spectator USA will, like its mothership, look at all things. We will find life amusing, and we will never confuse the serious with the dull. So please read us, enjoy, and tell us what you think.