So one disaster wasn’t enough for you, Ted? You had to create a new, very personal one by hightailing it to Cancun together with your wife Heidi and the girls to stay at the oceanfront Ritz-Carlton. Texans may shiver but Ted didn’t quiver. Instead, he made a run for the sun.

The irony isn’t rich; it’s gluttonous. For Cruz has made a career out of mocking the establishment in a role as an avatar of the Tea Party. He may have attended Princeton and Harvard Law together with the young swells, but he always made sure to let everyone know that he was made of better stock than them. He was a man of the people, just plain folks Ted, not hifalutin Rafael, who liked nothing better than to spend his weekend nailing an eight-point buck. Now, in the aftermath of his Cancun debacle, Cruz has gone from hunter to hunted.

Word is that Heidi was texting her friends to invite them to join her and the girls. Their house, she lamented was ‘FREEZING‘ and the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun so much more inviting.

It’s over 80 degrees there. Texans may be freezing, but the news of the Cruz brood’s flight will have them boiling mad. Nikki Haley and Tom Cotton are surely enjoying the spectacle of this incessant self-promoter’s self-destruction. Cruz is scheduled to speak at CPAC next week in Orlando, but he might reconsider visiting the Sunshine State. For now he may want to lie low.

Poor Ted. He fled when he should have led. His presidential ambitions didn’t just go up in smoke. He incinerated them. He says he just wanted to be a ‘good dad’. Good dad? Good grief!