Sex sells, we’ve been told, and so — grubby hacks that we are — we have dedicated the June edition of The Spectator World to the subject. But this ain’t your average smut. On our cover, the brilliant Mary Harrington looks at how America’s young elites are turning against free love. Zoe Strimpel discusses her recent experiences on dating apps and wonders why young men seem to have lost interest in sex. Cosmo Landesman asks if women who claim to love pornography are faking it; Bridget Phetasy wonders why men’s magazines such as Playboy aren’t for men any more and Dominic Green takes a Freudian look at America’s race to the bottom.

Beyond all the sex, the June edition features a variety of other subjects to arouse your curiosity.

In Books and Arts, Chilton Williamson, Jr. praises Flannery O’Connor, while D.J. Taylor remembers the turbulent career of underground band Hawkwind. James Panero marvels at the new Medici exhibition at the Met as Taki memorializes literary master Larry McMurtry. In Food and Drink, Jane Stannus overcomes her lifelong odium for onions and Kate Andrews grows to love and defend decaf. Hannah Moore misses America’s perfect sandwiches and Roger Kimball praises the perfection of Pahlmeyer Proprietary Red.

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