Cockburn realized this January 6 commemoration stuff was serious when he saw that even Lin-Manuel Miranda found time in his schedule to put in an appearance at the Capitol today. Actually, who knows if he was free? Miranda, the creator of Hamilton and high priest of Obama-era cringe, delivered a pre-recorded message to the American people and performed, with other cast members from the show that made him famous, the song “Dear Theodosia.”

You might be wondering whether this struck the right tone for what was Cockburn was told was going to be a somber commemoration of one of the darkest days in American history. But, as historians of the early Republic will tell you, the proper way to commemorate the loss of life, bravery and resilience that meets a violent attack on US democracy is through the medium of musical theater.

“May his beautiful words be an inspiration to us,” said Nancy Pelosi introducing the pre-taped video.

Not since Jennifer Lopez screamed “Let’s get loud” on the steps of the Capitol during Joe Biden’s inauguration has the home of American democracy witnessed such a fitting tribute to the promise of America.

But Cockburn can’t help but wonder if there weren’t more fitting songs from the Hamilton catalog. “Rise Up,” perhaps. Or “The Room Where It Happens”?

Never mind. Lin-Manuel obviously knows what he’s doing. And his performance today lets us run a natural experiment. Can America cringe its way to a more perfect union? Cockburn can’t wait to find out.