The fundamental right to self-defense won today. A jury in Kenosha acquitted teenager Kyle Rittenhouse on all counts related to allegations that he murdered rioters who attacked him.

The prosecution’s case rested on the insane lie that legally carrying a firearm is an incitement to violence. Rittenhouse, they argued, was akin to an active shooter and thus deserved Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz chasing him, trying to take his rifle, hitting him in the head with a skateboard and pointing a handgun at his head. Because this case was directly contradicted by video evidence, the prosecution leaned heavily on character assassination, earning admonishments from the judge for invoking Rittenhouse’s right to remain silent, bringing in evidence the judge ruled inadmissible about Rittenhouse’s past statements about rioters, and sharing false claims about the type of ammunition that was loaded into his rifle.

Judge Schroeder seemed sympathetic to the defense’s motion for a mistrial but said he would avoid ruling on it until after a verdict was reached by the jury. The media attacked Schroeder for nailing the prosecution, accusing him of bias because he had a patriotic ringtone and made a joking remark about “Asian food.” He later banned MSNBC from the courtroom for allegedly sending a freelancer after the jury bus.

Despite threats of more riots and personal attacks if they acquitted, the jury delivered the right verdict on Friday. They upheld the Second Amendment and the right to self defense by saying that Rittenhouse was justified in using a firearm to protect his own life from a child molester and domestic abuser. America should be celebrating.