Joe Biden may be the leader of the free world, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking retirement. The President seems to hardly do much of anything, between frequent press lids before 3 p.m., outsourcing the most serious domestic challenge of his presidency to Vice President Kamala Harris and trips nearly every weekend to his home in Delaware (Joe is less confused upon waking when he gets to sleep in his own bed, you see).

Occasionally playing hooky is no big deal when you’re in a dead-end 9 to 5, but Biden has decided to take a random weekday off being commander-in-chief to celebrate his wife’s birthday. The pair flew to their shore home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Wednesday night and will stay through Thursday. Biden will not work at all — the press spotted Biden and Dr Jill on a bike ride in the late afternoon and then the White House promptly called a press lid around 2 p.m. Dr Jill’s predecessors — Melania Trump and Michelle Obama — spent their birthdays at the White House while their husbands worked.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Biden’s infrastructure plan is idling in Congress. American meat and shipping industries have suffered ransomware attacks similar to the one that caused a gas shortage across the East Coast last month. A summit with Nato leaders is set for just a couple of weeks from now, where Biden will meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

But never mind all of that — so long as Biden gets his chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and Dr Jill gets her birthday bike ride.