Despite the constant barrage of people telling us they are best suited for the job, politics ain’t bean-bag. There is no surefire way to become competent at governing. A politician may have decades of experience or a Harvard degree or millions of Twitter followers or the backing of the mainstream media — and they could still prove to be an utter disaster when given the reins.

Look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, home to some of the ‘best and brightest’ political minds in the country, or so David Ignatius tells us.

What does America have to show for having this elite braintrust in the White House? For one, gas prices, inflation and illegal immigration are all sky-high. Plus we have a supply chain crisis on both coasts. Last week, when discussing the gridlock at the ports, President Biden spoke for under six minutes before wandering off the stage as reporters shouted questions at the back of his head, a gesture which has come to characterize his presidency to date.

The truth is that even if Joe were allowed to take questions, he would not have any answers for us. And his team isn’t any better.

Mayor Pete — I’m sorry — Sec. Pete Buttigieg of the Department of Transportation, who has been on paternity leave since mid-August, tried to answer questions about the supply chain disasters. He told his friends at Morning Joe, ‘Look, this is obviously an incredibly complicated situation that we’re talking about. We’re talking about global supply chains.’ Pete, why wasn’t this situation too complicated for the Trump administration? Or did they also deal with idling cargo ships and the mainstream media just missed that story?

Speaking of, these know-it-alls had plenty of criticisms about Trump’s handling of the border. According to these founts of wisdom-turned-shoulder-shruggers, Trump’s handling of illegal immigration was inhumane, unacceptable and of course, the perennial favorite, ‘a stain on our country’. Naturally, equipped with their endless expertise on governing and national security, you would think this administration would have had this problem solved in no time. Think again.

In March Jen Psaki responded to accusations the administration was sending mixed messages to illegal aliens with this whopper: ‘Well, I think this is, no doubt, a complicated circumstance. What we are trying to do is address this in an effective and humane manner and that requires putting in place additional policies and measures.’ The Biden administration attempted to uncomplicate the border situation this week — by reinstating the Trump era ‘remain in Mexico’ policy.

We were told by everyone from CNN’s Chris Cillizza to Vogue’s Stuart Emmrich that the adults were back in charge. All of a sudden these adults are dumbfounded and these no-brainers are complicated.

There are no shortage of floundering amateurs in this administration. Former Boston mayor Marty Walsh was caught off guard in an embarrassing interview this week with Axios reporter Dan Primack. To be fair though, Dan did ambush him. Asking the Labor Secretary about jobs…how could Marty have ever seen that one coming?

Primack asked Walsh questions about why people aren’t returning back to work and how long can people afford to stay home before they have to start paying their bills. Walsh responded nervously, ‘These questions are asked every month.’ Primack pushed back and asked, ‘What’s the answer?’ Walsh replied, ‘I don’t think there is an answer.’

Even if there were an answer, I’m sure us regular people couldn’t understand the nuances of the situation. Recently while discussing the need to raise the debt ceiling, Biden said, ‘It’s understandable why the average American wouldn’t understand what the consequences of this will be for American security and the willingness of other countries to follow our lead.’

Us average Americans could never hope to understand the intricacies of the debt ceiling. We should leave it to Joe and his band of Ivy League incompetents — because they’ve mastered every other complex issue with such tact.

Voters were told that Joe Biden and his team of Avengers were going to shut down the virus, fix the border and save the planet. So why did they claim to have all of the answers during Trump’s four years in office if they don’t know? I guess everyone is a critic until things get complicated.