HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are living the American dream. The married couple managed to turn their home renovation business in Waco, Texas into a wildly successful television show, Fixer Upper. The program, which ran for five seasons, led to a profitable home goods line at Target and their own TV network. They have five children and attend church regularly.

Chip and Joanna do not talk about politics on their show or on their social media accounts. Since the left has declared that silence is violence, that obviously means the Gaines family does not deserve all of their happiness and success. Naturally, the media is now trying to cancel them.

The latest ‘controversy’ pushed by outlets like the Hill and Jezebel is that the Gaines family donated to a local school board candidate that opposes teaching critical race theory. Never mind that it is a perfectly normal position to be against critical race theory in schools — the vast majority of Americans oppose the specifics of CRT when asked about them. Scores of parents are speaking out nationwide against what they view as racist indoctrination of their children.

Even so, the stories about Chip and Joanna are missing some key context. The school board candidate that they donated to is none other than…Chip’s sister. They gave her a mere $1,000. It seems much more likely that the donation was a show of family support as opposed to some grand political statement from a couple that has been notoriously apolitical.

This isn’t the first time the media has drummed up some fake scandal against the Gaines family. BuzzFeed News wrote a major expose in 2016 revealing that Chip and Joanna attend an evangelical church that — wait for it — preaches Christianity. The Gaines’s pastor believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is a sin, which of course means that Chip and Joanna are horrible bigots who hate LGBTQ+ people.

That attempt at cancelation failed miserably, and so will the commotion over the Gaines’s political donation to Chip’s sister. Sorry media, but you can come for Joanna’s shiplap and wainscoting over Cockburn’s dead body.