It is a curious fact that while English conservatives identify with the colour blue and English lefties with the colour red, the opposite is the case in America. I have struggled to recollect why the Democrats chose blue in 2000 but rather suspect it had something to do what Dr Christine Blasey Ford would call the ‘prefrontal cortex’. Many human decisions are taken on emotional grounds and emotion, as we are taught, is often governed by childhood memory.

The ‘Western’ movie, once the most popular Hollywood genre, has exerted untold influence on three generations of impressionable young Americans, each delighting in the oft-repeated and ever fresh spectacle of the ‘blue coat’ cavalry shooting down the ‘red skin’ warrior to a fanfare of trumpets and strumming guitars. Back then it was axiomatic that the ‘reds’ were the baddies and the ‘blues’ the goodies. The film studios ordained it that way and the public embraced their bias without demur. I wonder if this subconscious collective memory has anything to do with the overwhelming call for a ‘blue wave’ in Hollywood today?

Of course the subliminal influence of the Hollywood Western works both ways. Male stripper and body-builder, Cesar Sayoc, 56, was undoubtedly encouraged by submerged childhood recollections of greased, half-naked, muscle-fit cinema Indians into falsely claiming to be a Seminole, and surely it was these half-remembered devotions that inspired him to send 15 unexploding packets to the blues last week.

The Democratic senator for Massachusetts, Mrs Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, 69, also pretends to be Native American. Her detractors insist she is a true blue only pretending to be red to advance her career, but I suspect that like every other 13-year-old school girl in 1962, she also fell in love with 6’6” Hollywood hunk, Chuck Connors, playing the romantic lead in Geronimo. In that timeless Apache classic, Connors was painted brownish rather than red and when he complained that dark contact-lenses made his eyes itchy, director, Arnold Laven, allowed him to take them out. Thus Connors became the most famous of the white Hollywood legends known as the ‘blue-eyed Apaches’. Fantasist Sen. Warren surely identifies as one of these, imagining herself not as a true red Cherokee, but a blue-eyed Hollywood star, who gets to roll around with Chuck Connors for a few hours on set, before removing her fake tan and squaw costume in time for a hot bath and six o’clock cocktails at the Bel Air Country Club.

While identity politicians of the left insist that ‘people of colour’ are victims whose subordinate status can only be ameliorated by voting blue, it is increasingly coming to the attention of racial minorities that the Democrats are keener on securing their votes than curing their ills. In past ages, crooked doctors enriched themselves by telling their healthy patients that they would die if they didn’t buy Quack-Cure, and now Candace Owens, founder of BLEXIT (‘Black Exit from the Democrats’), intends to lead black America out of the ‘victim plantations’ to prove her point that black communities are subjugated not elevated by the Left’s drivelling racial obsessions.

Her website ( highlights President Johnson’s alleged lamentable line: ‘I’ll have them n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years’ while reminding her visitors that the KKK lynched at least a third as many white Republicans as African Americans. It may be her next intention to provide a fuller history of the Democrats’ attitude to race beginning with the party’s reputed founder, Thomas Jefferson, whose open use of the word ‘exterminate’ to describe what should be done to the Native Americans if they couldn’t be forced beyond the Mississippi and out of white man’s way, is well documented; or she might choose to kick off with the story of Democrat father, President Andrew Jackson, who led 2,000 blue coats against a small encampment of Red Sticks at Horseshoe Bend, bayonetting 800 of them to death and scraping the skins off their corpses to make bridle reins for the blues.

I hope she will resist the temptation to expand too much upon these sorry tales, for it is surely time to revise our prejudices concerning both these colours. Instead of bellowing for a ‘blue wave’, Hollywood must return to its proper business and start making sensitive features about blue icing sugar and little red kisses – nice things like that – then in 20 years’ time, who knows, America might be great again.