Longtime Biden congressional ally Rep. Jackie Speier of California claimed ‘a criminal sits in the Oval Office’ on her official House website until today, The Spectator has discovered.

Speier’s comments are about then-president Donald Trump shortly after special prosecutor Robert Mueller released his infamous report on allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. However, the front webpage on current ‘Issues I’m Working On’ showed Speier’s statement had not been updated to reflect the new administration inaugurated over six months ago.

‘A criminal sits in the Oval Office, and it falls to Congress to hold him accountable for his wrongdoing,’ the statement read. ‘Congresswoman Speier encourages all Americans to read the Mueller Report.’

A screenshot from Rep. Jackie Speier’s website earlier today

If you clicked ‘Read More’ under Speier’s statement, the wording was updated: ‘A criminal sat in the Oval Office for four years, and though he is now gone, it falls to Congress to hold him accountable for his wrongdoing.’

As California’s 14th district representative, Speier was one of the first Democrats to congratulate Biden for winning the 2020 election against Trump. In 2016, as Biden was preparing to leave the vice presidency, Speier reportedly lobbied him to run for the chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Speier successfully pressed the administration to endorse moving the prosecution of sex crimes in the US military out of the chain of command. Biden praised her and other lawmakers for working ‘in a strong bipartisan way to support needed change and to keep this issue at the forefront of our agenda’.

After being reached for comment, Speier’s office edited the page, telling The Spectator, ‘Thanks for flagging. The typo has been fixed. Had you clicked on the link, you would have seen the current text (which is now on the Issues page as well).’