Another woman accuses Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. A third says she was at multiple parties in the Eighties where women, including herself, were drugged and gang raped by the Supreme Court nominee and his friends. But she kept going back. And never complained until two days before an important Senate vote. And, coincidentally, Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney was her attorney in a sexual harassment suit 10 years ago.

And we’re supposed to believe all this.

Only the media – ever credulous when it comes to stories about Republican bad behaviour – and hardcore #Resistance types buy it. Unfortunately, even Fox misreports the story when it says that Blasey Ford has four people who will corroborate her allegations. It’s just not true. The four people were not present at the 1982 high school party – if such a party even took place – and are witnesses to exactly nothing.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party has been taken over by Michael Avenatti. He’s the ambulance chasing porn lawyer who is under investigation by the California Bar Association for $5 million in unpaid payroll taxes, but who has found a new professional purpose as the face of the Democratic Party. Good. Because this circus is proving to normal people once again just how radical and vicious the Democrats have become. And it demonstrates that they simply cannot be trusted with power.

Over and over again I have heard from people outside of politics and the media, but all over the political spectrum, about their extreme distaste for the Democrats’ blood lust. They see it for what it is: there is no search for truth, it’s not about justice. It’s a well-orchestrated political hit-job designed to destroy a good man and accomplished judge because he represents an end to Leftist control of the Supreme Court which they have used since the 1930s as a super-legislature to force their radical, dehumanising agenda on the country over the objections of the American people. At least they know what’s at stake. When looking back on the 1930s and Britain’s failure to rearm or oppose Hitler when it would have been easy, Churchill described the nation as having been ‘lost in a pacifist daydream.’ The same could be said for some Republican Senators who seem not to know that the new politics is, sadly, one of no holds barred political warfare. They need not engage in the immoral tactics of the Democrats, but they must at least recognise what they’re up against.

This will have an impact on the upcoming midterm elections – but not the way Democrats will hope. They envision their pussy-hat wearing legions descending on the polls and sweeping into power a host of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clones and their ‘male allies.’ ‘This is it comrades,’ you can hear them say, ‘today we overthrow the patriarchy!’ But no. They have done, once again, for Republicans what Republicans could not do for themselves: energise the base.

Democrats are going to find out that one of the problems with lying is that when you make it a habit, even you don’t know where the truth ends and your fictions begin. But anyone not already deeply invested in Trump-hatred can see the Kavanaugh slanders, the sudden recollections of decades old parties just before a key Senate vote, the flim-flam affadavits, and the internally contradictory hand-written statements for what they are: just brass-knuckled, any weapon at hand, dirty dealing.

On Wednesday afternoon, Leftist media was abuzz because a man claimed that Kavanaugh raped someone on a boat in 1998. The same man had also accused Donald Trump of manslaughter and called for a military coup in the United States. Naturally, he was deemed a credible accuser until he recanted on Twitter late in the day.

Remember when Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney’s tax returns in 2012? When he was called out on it after the election he justified is by saying, ‘Well, it worked didn’t it?’ The same ethic is at work now. But unlike in 2012, we know about it before the election. And that’s when freshly galvanised Republicans and disgusted independents may very well take their revenge on Democrats. What they sow in malice we may shortly see them reap in tears.