One night in November 2013, I found myself slurping down sturgeon caviar and salted pork with about a dozen slobbering, obese, gay oligarchs at a dacha outside Moscow. I’d been sent to Russia to report on the lives of gays there under a vague, new law that prohibited ‘LGBT propaganda’ and a journalist invited me out to the country for the night to meet some local influential homosexuals.

At first, the scene had all the trappings of the odd and colorful situations that I lived to write about. I’d been in Russia about a week and after speaking to activists, American expats, journalists and everyday Russians, a more nuanced portrait of the country emerged than the hysteria Western media pumped out for months over the anti-gay legislation. It was, as they say on the internet, my first redpill experience seeing how twisted the American media was. Even far-left Western LGBT activists living in Moscow showed me how American media was completely clueless about life in Russia, reported erroneously and without context on the paltry gay rights movement there, and routinely doctored photos to push a Western, pro-gay narrative. The situation for gays there, while terrible, was looking more like 1950s America than the bullet train to genocide highly respected journalists were telling us about from their Manhattan offices.

At that dinner, though, I was disturbed. Most of the oligarchs arrived carting the same accessory, an extremely young, silent and angelic man tethered to him like Princess Leia in the golden bikini to Jabba the Hutt. It’s not news that young, cute gay men gather like ducklings around wealthy, old farts. Or that plenty of gay men, perhaps due to absent or emotionally-unavailable fathers, have daddy issues. By all accounts, there was nothing overtly sexually going on that night – it was just a dinner party – but still, these guys looked really young. At the risk of being culturally insensitive, I pulled my journalist friend aside and to ask what the hell was going on.

He assured me nothing untoward and that if there were any sexual relationships in the room, everyone there was above the age of consent, which is 16 in Russia. It still felt really gross, and I emailed a colleague and mentor when I got back to my hotel. The anti-LGBT law specifically made it illegal to target children with gay propaganda. I wondered if I was missing something, that perhaps Russian lawmakers were attempting to do something good here, and privy to a real problem with pederasty and pedophilia in Russia’s hidden gay community.

My colleague told me not to go down that rabbit hole; that for centuries gays have been falsely maligned as pedophiles, that we’d worked too hard to extinguish that association, and I’d be doing no one any favors by dredging that up. Stick to the original story, he said, and maybe come back to this later.

That may as well have been eons ago considering where the LGBT industrial complex has boldly ventured today. White liberal parents who lead painfully boring lives are electrified by a new trend bringing adult entertainment into elementary schools, where a handful of those performers leading ‘drag queen storytime’ sessions have been discovered to be convicted pedophiles. Through television shows and fawning media coverage, the left full-on embraces the sexualization of children by appropriating the vehicle of drag culture. Then last week, the gay interest website Pink News produced a video profiling a gay couple in Michigan with a 33-year age difference, one man 55 and the other 22.

That’s icky, for sure, but not unheard of, until the younger man in the video – which was intended to portray a sweet love story – mentions they’d been ‘going strong’ for six years, making him 16 when they met and the other man 49.

A ratio party crashed the tweet, and Pink News eventually deleted it along with the video. They didn’t issue an apology or retraction because, frankly, they saw nothing wrong with it, and neither did their usual audience. It is completely taboo to discuss the rampant pederasty infesting the gay community. Notice how the left threw Kevin Spacey to the wolves when a young man accused him of sexual assault, but protected Bryan Singer – whose allegations are much worse and better documented. It had nothing to do with the charges. It’s because Spacey, who everyone knew was gay, only came out of the closet when it was advantageous to deflect from his assault allegations. He hadn’t spent years as an agent for their cause. He never graced the cover of gay magazines, attended gatherings like the GLAAD awards, and he refused to be ‘a voice for the community.’ Singer was, and so they protected him, and couldn’t have cared less about the allegations.

When Milo Yiannopoulos attempted to talk about the culture of pederasty among gays – drunkenly and very poorly – on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he was forced to resign from Breitbart and lost his speaking slot at CPAC. He later claimed the way he dealt with being assaulted by a priest when he was young was to make jokes and convince himself it was a positive experience. Digging up the Joe Rogan clip was a conservative, not liberal, hit job. The left had been trying to take down Yiannopoulos for years and countless activists had no doubt seen that clip and thought nothing of it. Big Gay was also almost entirely silent during that whole episode probably because a huge number of them had similar experiences as teenagers and continue to view them positively.

They’re wrong, but I hate to admit I understand why they think that. It happened to me, too. At the time I didn’t see myself as a victim. It wasn’t until I reached the same age of the men who assaulted me at the time, when the idea of chasing after a high school student seemed so disgusting and unfathomable to me, that I began to ask, ‘who really were those guys?’ and wonder how my life and relationships might be better had none of that happened.

Many gays don’t have that moment of reflection. Where their sexuality is concerned, they don’t reflect much at all. Gay culture celebrates, even demands, extreme promiscuity and unquestioned allegiance to the ‘born this way’ narrative. Women are more susceptible to the destructive power of having too much sex, and men tend to think they’re immune to it. They aren’t. And as so many gay men reach middle age, their ability to pair-bond is almost completely eradicated by decades of meaningless, anonymous sex.

We’re seeing the same thing happen to women, as hookup culture through apps like Tinder spreads into the straight world. Sex is a powerful tool in establishing a culture of lonely, empty, embittered people – something the left requires to flourish.

I’m certain Big Gay’s quiet lament regarding the Pink News video was a case of too much, too soon. The left’s boiling frog approach to fundamentally transforming society only works because of their patience and persistence. They will try this again and again, in both media and Hollywood and we can expect more ‘inter-generational’ cinematic gay love stories like 2017’s critically-acclaimed Call Me By Your Name. As with many things in culture, first the gays, then the world.

As we are beginning to see, one of the great hoaxes pulled on the American people was the argument for gay marriage. Whether you agreed with it or not, most people assumed once gay marriage passed, that was the end of the gay rights movement and all the homosexuals could now shut up and go off to live their lives. Turns out, not only did gays end up making a mockery out of marriage – for many, the only thing that changed was they can now call the man they take to orgies their husband, not boyfriend – but no one predicted Big Gay would metamorphosize into a massive gender destruction apparatus that actively ropes children into ‘the community.’ And where kids are concerned, that’s exactly what they promised would never happen.

‘Love is love,’ was the gay marriage battle cry. We all should have known anything that sounds so innocent was bound to hide a great evil.