Anyone wishing to appreciate the nature of our two-tier society needs only to contrast the fate of St Anthony Fauci with that, say, of General Mike Flynn or any of the dozens of political prisoners who are, many of them, being held without charge in appalling conditions in a Washington, D.C. prison even as I write.

Fauci has been a carbuncle on the countenance of American life at least since he help spread the myth of heterosexual transmission of AIDS in the 1980s. The new Chinese flu was custom made for his brand of panic-mongering and totalitarian posturing.

Just a few weeks ago, he was saying that it was “too early” to say whether we would be allowed to gather for Christmas. We’ve known for some time now that he was involved with, and paid with taxpayer money for, “gain of function” research at the Wuhan virology lab where the novel coronavirus that has caused such upheaval was developed.

Yes, that’s right. Fauci was paid by your tax dollars to help weaponize a virus that he then went on to exploit as a means to enhance his lugubrious celebrity.

He lied, under oath, about his role in his testimony before Congress, most pointedly in his heated exchanges with Senator Rand Paul this last summer.

Now we have Dr Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, publicly challenging Fauci, charging that he is guilty of spreading “misinformation” about taxpayer funding of Fauci’s “gain of function” research at the Chinese virology laboratory.

Of course, “misinformation” in this case is just a polysyllabic synonym for lying — and besides wasn’t it Jen Psaki herself wanted people to be punished for spreading “misinformation”?

Yes, but she didn’t mean people like Fauci, who is on team A and is therefore exempt from public obloquy, not to mention federal prosecution.

You understand this, right? If you are part of the nomenklatura, you are endowed with a sort of metaphysical get-out-of-jail-free card, an immunity inscribed like a vaccine confirmation on your soul. You can lie to Congress, lie to the FBI, lie to the public with impunity. More than that, if you are part of the nomenklatura’s shock troops — a member, for example, of antifa or Black Lives Matter — then you can burn down police stations and destroy private property with impunity — nay, you can be hailed as a hero, a campaigner for “social justice.”

As our intelligence law enforcement apparatus more and more become creatures of the Deep State, they all more and more become creatures of the thing that nurtures and spreads the malignant, freedom-blighting spirit of that state: the establishment consensus that society is divided into masters and slaves, though we must not, not yet, anyway, use such loaded words to describe them.

This is why the enforcement of the two-tier reality of our society is only partly a matter law enforcement. Sure, Mike Flynn is set up by the FBI, lied to in order to trick him into making false statements for which he could then be indicted and destroyed. Anthony Fauci is a poster child for the other side of the equation. He can lie, terrorize the public about public health threats and still be invited to toss out the ceremonial first pitch to start the baseball season.

There are some people whose names become synonymous with malfeasance. Sometimes, it is for malfeasance perpetrated against them, as was the case with Judge Robert Bork, whose name, thanks to disgusting people like Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, became a transitive verb to describe a campaign of ideologically motivated abuse and obfuscation. Sometimes, it describes a particular sort of perfidy. Thus it is that Vidkun Quisling’s surname became synonymous with a certain kind of craven collaboration with tyranny. And thus it is, I predict, that the name Fauci will become synonymous with a certain species of mendacious self-aggrandizement and fear-mongering conducted masquerading as a high-minded safeguarding of public health and the common good.

Hubris does have a way of attracting nemesis, however, and in the case of Fauci, the name of nemesis might just be Rand Paul. It is long past time that Anthony Fauci was called to account. Perhaps the recent confirmation of his mendacity by Dr Collins will start us down the road to that catabolic cascade.