Yesterday we witnessed a stunning and brave victory of tolerance over reality. Vile TERF, Maya Forstater lost her case at an employment tribunal for, amongst other things, referring to former SNP councillor and non-binary transgender individual, Gregor Murray as ‘he’:I mean, does they look even remotely like a ‘he’ to you??! Before quitting the party, Gregor had been suspended for ‘abusing a woman on Twitter’. They has obviously been targeted because in my opinion, calling an ignorant TERF a ‘cunt’ is a perfectly legitimate way for a non-binary politician to behave.As a result of her transphobic opinions Maya Forstater lost her job working at an international think tank campaigning against poverty and inequality, and bloody good riddance to her! Forstater was well known for her outbursts of non-conformism regarding trans issues. She tweeted disgusting propaganda such as (Trigger warning for those easily offended by science): ‘men cannot change their biological sex’. An appalling thing to say. Thankfully the judge ruled that her views were ‘incompatible with human dignity and fundamental rights of others’. I am incredibly relieved that the judge saw sense because personally, I don’t want to live in an intolerant world where men cannot legally force women to change their views on biological reality in the name of intersectional feminism. ‘Women’s rights’ are all well and good, but if a man decides he’s a woman, these excitable little fillies need to shut their dirty TERF mouths and jolly well do as we say. christmas bannerUnfortunately my celebration of this vile charity worker losing her job in order to teach TERFs a damn good lesson was short-lived. Within an hour of the news breaking, the hashtag #IStandWithMaya began trending on Twitter. I scrolled through it and saw the usual transphobic comments, such as (TW) ‘Men cannot be women’, and (TW) ‘biological science doesn’t care about your feelings’. But as I was about to reply to a particularly vile tweet, I realized that it had been posted by none other than J. K. Rowling:

I was utterly gobsmacked. I felt betrayed. The sheer bigotry of this woman. How is it even slightly reasonable to not want cis women to pay dearly for their thought crimes against the persecuted trans cult? In fact, if Margaret Atwood doesn’t rewrite The Handmaid’s Tale with the main character as Sam Smith, then I shall demand she is imprisoned for gender bias and prejudice. How dare cis women behave as if they are oppressed. After Rowling’s outrageous endorsement of transphobia, I have burned every single one of my Harry Potter books, along with my Gryffindor hoodie, my Hogwarts beanie hat and my Hadgrid waifu pillow. I urge everyone reading this to do the same.

Plenty of trans activists and trans allies came out to condemn Rowling’s fanatical bigotry:

Speaking as a trans woman myself, the thought that I will no longer be welcome in a fictional school for wizards has destroyed me. My life has changed. My dreams, shattered. I shall now have to find solace in a more inclusive imaginary made-up world. I hear Narnia is very inclusive of the furry community, perhaps I shall relocate there.

Harry Potter is well and truly dead to me now. He is forever known as ‘The Boy Who Died a TERF’. What does a cis woman like Rowling know about being a woman in any case? She has no idea of the struggles we trans women and non-binary individuals go through. Cis women have never experienced the level of prejudice we have. I’ve half a mind to begin a campaign for them to have the vote taken away from them because can we really trust them to use it wisely? I feel a petition is in order.