Refusing to wax a woman’s balls is transphobia at its most blatant… and yet here we are, in 2019, still disrespecting trans women’s rights by denying them a smooth nutsack. I’m referring of course to the recent publicity surrounding Jessica Yaniv, a stunning and brave trans woman who has filed complaints against more than a dozen female waxers with the Human Rights Council in British Columbia. And what is the justification these women have attempted to make in order to disguise their obvious bigotry? Well, among other flimsy excuses, ‘religious grounds’ (the majority of these women are immigrants) and the bizarre claim from one of them that her husband feared for her safety due to the fact that she works from home and has small children to take care of. What on earth does a woman have to fear from a 200+ lbs trans woman who is simply asking to come round to her home and have the hairs removed from her testicle satchel? As a trans woman myself, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been misgendered in Dorothy Perkins because of my beard, and so I have skin in the game here, so to speak. I understand all too well the shame that a denial of service can bring. For the past two years I’ve been trying to get my doctor to give me a Pap smear which he has point blank refused purely based on his misguided logic of me ‘not having a cervix’. As a medical man, I would expect him to understand that biological sex has nothing to do with gender and if I feel that I have a cervix, that should be more than enough for him to throw his anatomy charts into a bin and never refer to them again. These days, doctors know nothing compared to people like myself who have spent six months doing Gender Studies before being forced to quit due to the stress of being made to write essays twice a month. Jessica Yaniv must be going through Hell right now. As from Wednesday, there had been a publication ban on the case, but due to her posting information regarding the proceedings of the tribunal from her social media activist accounts, the ban has been lifted. Of course, this now leaves her open to abuse from people who until now, had not been aware of her struggle to run these transphobic women out of their businesses and make a tidy sum from their bigotry. Some hideous TERFS are even questioning whether or not she really is a woman. I mean, she wore a TIARA and a BALL GOWN to court for fuck’s sake. What more proof do these people NEED???I was appalled (but not surprised given his track record of hate speech masquerading as ‘hugely successful stand-up comedy on a worldwide scale’) to see Ricky Gervais attacking Jessica, simply for taking a group of women, many of whom who don’t have English as their first language, to court for refusing to wax her furry spunk pouch. Why he’s not been arrested so far is beyond me. His intolerance of progressive feminism is off the charts. Jessica has also been heavily criticized for supposedly ‘racist’ comments she has made towards immigrants in the past, along with ‘suspiciously obsessive messages’ to other women on Facebook concerning young girls, female changing rooms, and tampons. I’ve not looked into any of these spurious claims and shall not waste my time pampering to the transphobic crowd by investigating any of this any further. All I know is that some great injustice has been brought against a trans woman and that is enough for me to defend her to the hilt. I care not for ‘details’. ALL trans people have to be respected because as an oppressed minority, they are automatically incapable of doing wrong. Identity politics tells us this. If you criticize anyone from a marginalized community, you are an evil bigot. So fellow social justice comrades, please do not be tempted to use nuance. Stay away from judging people as individuals and applying logic and reason based on each circumstance. That’s for Nazis and fascists and bigots and transphobes. No, in order to be progressive and tolerant we must group all trans people together as one homogenous mass and treat them all with the same respect, regardless of whether or not as a human being they truly deserve it. Progressives defending Jessica Yaniv can only be good for the trans community. So-called ‘biological’ women have had it far too good for far too long. The only way we will achieve true equality is if trans women are given more rights than cis women. We need to remove the privilege from cis women, so that men who identify as women can be given the upper hand. That’s the beauty of intersectional feminism. That’s why this case is so important. Biological women will never understand the struggles trans women face every day. Have they ever had another woman turn her nose up at the mere sight of their big hairy ball sack? Of course not. Cis women need to learn to know their place. I stand shoulder to shoulder with Jessica Yaniv and it’s clear from the way she’s courageously fighting her corner, she is one ballsy lady.