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God, it’s slight: Lindsey Buckingham’s new album reviewed

You yearn for a little grit in these pallid oyster

The first time Lindsey Buckingham had a big falling out with Stevie Nicks we at least got some half-decent, if occasionally soporific, music out of it. That was Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, a soft-limbed, coked-up AOR colossus that for many defines mid-1970s music. It contained Buckingham’s finest moment, ‘Go Your Own Way’ — the weird, awkward, staggered…


Why isn’t Netflix canceling Roald Dahl?

There’s money to be made in spite of his anti-Semitism and contempt for big business

The Crown will long reign o’er the Emmys

The show is a comforting reminder of when the British royal family was unassailable

An orange or an egg? Determining the shape of the world

Latitude: The True Story of the World’s First Scientific Expedition by Nicholas Crane reviewed

Dracula’s children

Children of the Night: The Strange and Epic Tale of Modern Romania by Paul Kenyon reviewed

Shakespeare is getting trigger warnings

Shakespeare, after decades of being found to be Problematic, is now being reclaimed as the wokemeister-in-chief

The AI future looks positively rosy

12 Bytes: How We Got Here, Where We Might Go Next by Jeanette Winterson reviewed

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