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Hollywood’s vacuous moral turn

Black Widow, Luca and Nomadland are films for decaffeinated protesters

On today's market, we find a whole series of products deprived of their malignant property: coffee without caffeine, cream without fat, beer without alcohol... The list goes on: virtual sex as sex without sex, the art of expert administration as politics without politics, up to today’s tolerant liberal multiculturalism as an experience of 'Other' deprived…


In search of Nirad Chaudhuri

The forgotten visionary of British India

Yet more death in Venice

Björn Andrésen is now tall and painfully thin with long silver hair and a matching beard that belong on Merlin

The techniques of totalitarianism are still fully in play today

Instead of examining the dictators individually, How to Become a Tyrant explores their careers thematically

The tragedy of Lebanon — from safe haven to bankruptcy

Beirut 2020: Diary of the Collapse by Charif Majdalani reviewed

The young bride’s tale

China Room by Sunjeev Sahota reviewed

The man who made Manhattan

The Great Mistake by Jonathan Lee reviewed

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