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Bracing for the tension of ‘Better Call Saul’

The show is about to end with all the fervor we might have wished for

Next week will see the final tranche of episodes of the sixth series of Better Call Saul swaggering onto Netflix. They follow a tense mid-season cliffhanger that saw the sudden death of one major character and the unexpected return of a former nemesis. Expectations for the last installment are appropriately high, not least because of…


Ezra Miller needs help

A number of parents have taken out restraining orders against the actor

The inevitable fall of R. Kelly

He’s going to prison but what of those who were complicit in his crimes?

NIMBYs to the left of me, YIMBYs to the left

Yes to the City: Millennials and the Fight for Affordable Housing by Max Holleran reviewed

Kevin Spacey’s transatlantic fall from grace

The British legal system will decide his fate

The Marxist writer who railed against Lenin

Maxim Gorky looked to literature and culture as much as to revolution

An immorality tale

Lapvona by Ottessa Moshfegh reviewed

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