Joy Villa shot to infamy in 2017 by donning a Make America Great Again dress. She set eyeballs rolling again last year with her pro-life fetus-in-the-womb outfit. How could she top that, you ask? Why, by dressing as the border wall of course!

joy villa border wall

Her outfit included a barbed wire necklace, a Pink Floyd-inspired border wall gown and a MAGA handbag (handMAG?), and was designed by Desi Lee Allinger-Nelson.

Cockburn caught up with Villa last night in New York to find out the gossip from the ceremony.

‘On the red carpet, I was getting a lot of side-eye from celebrities, which I kind of expected,’ she said.

‘Camila Cabello smiled at me, and Lele Pons, the YouTuber was really nice, she came up and was like “I love your dress, I’m in gold and you’re in silver!” A lot of celebrities can be act a bit too cool in these situation so it was nice to speak to someone authentic. I’m not sure she saw the message on the dress though. Throughout the night I did get other positive reactions from artists in the room.’

The singer claims that the photographers didn’t show her much love.

‘There’s a part on the red carpet where the paparazzi line up,’ she said. ‘In 2017 they’re all calling “Joy, Joy, over here!” This year some of them were shouting abuse, like “Trump is a traitor! You’re a traitor! We hate Trump! Trump hates you!” It wasn’t very professional of them.’

Villa has caused a stir every time she’s attended the Grammys – but thinks this year’s reaction has been the worst yet.

‘It’s been a much worse backlash than when I wore the MAGA dress in 2017 – people are angrier at me on Twitter,’ she said.

‘They’re calling me a “nappy-headed nigger” online, mostly people from the black community or the Latino community, they’ve been telling me I deserve to be raped, that I should kill myself. The best ones are people saying I look fat and ugly, and like, I know I’m not, so…’

It hasn’t been all bad news for Villa, though. She says she has seen a surge of interest in her music this week.

‘When my newest album Home Sweet Home came out last year it went to #2 on Amazon. It’s now back at #10 on Amazon, and my I Make The Static album is back into the iTunes top 50.’

The singer is set to attend CPAC later this month. Cockburn wonders what attire she might consider appropriate for the occasion. Perhaps an Afghanistan withdrawal kaftan, or a government shutdown shawl.