All good things come to an end or, in this case, all trash must return to the trash heap. The raunchy, sex-obsessed podcast Call Her Daddy is likely ending for good after negotiations with Barstool Sports went south.

Barstool, founded by Dave Portnoy aka El Presidente, currently owns the rights to the Call Her Daddy podcast, hosted by Alexandra Cooper, 27, and Sofia Franklyn, 26. The podcast mysteriously went dark for several weeks until Portnoy recorded his own episode titled ‘Daddy Speaks’ revealing that the women were shopping the show to other platforms despite being under a three-year exclusivity contract.

Portnoy called Alex and Sofia, who earned nearly half a million dollars EACH from the weekly podcast last year, the most ‘unprofessional, and disloyal, and greedy’ people he has ever worked with.

I hate to say it, Pres, but you get what you pay for.

Call Her Daddy is admittedly a wildly entertaining show. The hosts have tons of chemistry with each other, the delivery is natural, and they can be very funny. The content, however, is pure degeneracy. Fans of the show praise its ‘sex positivity’ because it’s unusual for women to discuss sex so openly, but Alex and Sofia’s advice and personal stories veer far past even Cosmopolitan levels of cringe. And beyond the incredibly explicit and smutty descriptions of sexual relationships, the women also dole out terrible relationship advice to the young, impressionable women who inexplicably view them as role models.

In various episodes, the women discuss how to get away with cheating on their partners, share tips for creating a Seeking Arrangements profile, and warn other women that men see them as ‘just a hole’ and they should thus be careful not to have feelings for men. Alex shares a story in one episode where she admits to ‘two-timing’ an ex-boyfriend by sleeping with another guy in Canada, but then gets upset when she finds out the ex-boyfriend was also talking to and receiving nude pictures from another girl. The two eventually reconcile and continue their non-exclusive relationship. These are just a few examples of Alex and Sofia’s morally twisted behavior — is it any surprise that they would sneak behind their employer’s back to get out of contract and ultimately destroy the best career opportunity of their lives?

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The ‘Daddy Gang’ may be mourning the demise of their favorite ‘female empowerment’ podcast, but I say good riddance. Call Her Daddy is ultimately a show about young women who find themselves deeply disillusioned with modern dating, but their solution is to allow men to use and abuse them while insisting that they are actually the ones in the driver’s seat. Feminism described the sexual revolution as women ‘taking back control’ of their sex lives and their bodies, but it also made women unhappier and gave men greater freedom to reduce women to sexual objects. Alex and Sofia’s views about sex are perhaps even more disturbing and nihilistic, as they seem to operate from the premise that women should merely accept that men will treat them poorly rather than demanding better, and then self-soothe with copious amounts of alcohol when their self-prophecy is fulfilled.

This fundamental lack of self-respect was devastating to listen to, and unfortunately for Alex and Sofia, led to them sabotaging their greatest career achievement to date. Irony of ironies, the very thing that made them so popular turned out to be their fatal flaw. Call Her Daddy? Call the whole thing off.