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Zoe Strimpel


Blame porn for Beyoncé’s potty mouth

Why is Queen Bey’s new album packed with profanities?

By Zoe Strimpel


Beware the cocktail bore

We live in the era of the overmarketed, oversweetened, overpriced and overexplained cocktail

By Zoe Strimpel


How Love Island killed sex

The two former functions of sex have essentially evaporated

By Zoe Strimpel


Dan Savage has fallen out of love with the left

Savage is no cookie-cutter lefty, for all his haranguing in favour of baroque sexual lifestyles

By Zoe Strimpel


Andrew Sullivan searches for spirituality

The legendary journalist weighs in on Russia, IQ, immigration and his forthcoming book on Christianity

By Zoe Strimpel


Peter Boghossian’s fight for freedom

The professor is blisteringly blunt about the woke ‘capture’ of institutions

By Zoe Strimpel


We are all the Tinder Swindler

It’s the communication culture spawned by Tinder itself that is the biggest menace

By Zoe Strimpel


Why are young men so scared of sex?

Sexting has taken the place of sex

By Zoe Strimpel


Armie Hammer and Hollywood’s new moral code

The process by which alleged crimes are converted into instant cultural, social and professional death has attained warp speed

By Zoe Strimpel


Clubhouse left me with one question: why am I here?

A discussion of ‘wokeism’ ended up as a bloody inquisition against evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein

By Zoe Strimpel


Bumble’s ‘feminism’ is half-baked

All men have to do on Bumble is swipe away, sit back and watch the cute messages roll in

By Zoe Strimpel

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