Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland is vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK. He writes The Spectator's Wiki Man column.

Science & Tech

Technological progress is as messy as Darwinian evolution

Surprisingly often, a technology is invented for one purpose and sits around for ages before someone finds a better use for it

By Rory Sutherland


No one else has the weird levels of self-regard shown by people who appear regularly on TV

Contemporary political coverage has a default level of negativity

By Rory Sutherland


How veganism became mainstream

Once 10 percent of people become vegan, the dynamics of eating change

By Rory Sutherland

Business is the only area of human activity where you get paid to change your mind

When everyone else zigs, it pays to zag

By Rory Sutherland

The art and science of business magic

The limits of logic, and the alchemy of success

By Rory Sutherland

Identity is just as important as wealth. Why don’t economists get that?

Economics is obsessed with the gains arising from scale. But identity does not scale neatly or quickly

By Rory Sutherland

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