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Nicholas Farrell

Italy turns populist

It looks indeed as if Italy — the beating pulse of European civilisation — will be the first country in western Europe to fall to what’s popularly known as populism. Those who regard populism as an affirmation of democracy are pleased; those who regard it as a negation of democracy are appalled. The markets remain […]

By Nicholas Farrell


Why hasn’t Italy joined the strikes on Syria?

Italy’s caretaker government has refused to allow crucial bases to be used for intervention let alone Italy’s armed forces. The stance of Italy’s right is identical to Jeremy Corbyn’s in Britain. The two populist parties – Five Star and Lega – currently negotiating to try to form a government – are anyway pro-Putin (like their soul […]

By Nicholas Farrell


‘I’m fascinated by Mussolini’

Steve Bannon talks fascism

By Nicholas Farrell

Meet the anti-immigrant federalist who could well be Italy’s next prime minister

The man who could become Italy’s next prime minister is sat just opposite the entrance to the huge US and Nato airbase near Catania in Sicily at a hotel confiscated from the Mafia. It’s not Silvio Berlusconi, no matter how much the British press tells us that ‘Berlusconi is Back!’ Silvio Il Magnifico (as I […]

By Nicholas Farrell

Expect the Eurozone to go bananas over Italy’s election

I’ve been hearing disturbing but well-informed voices about the result of the election in Italy, the Eurozone’s third biggest economy, which if correct will cause the global liberal elite to go ape and try to section Italy. The result which such voices are predicting will have a similarly disturbing effect on global libertarian conservatives. As […]

By Nicholas Farrell

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