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Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald is the US managing editor of The Spectator.


The trouble with baby boomers and social media

If Cesar Sayoc did send those bombs, might it have something to do with the online conspiracy wormhole he’s been dwelling in for the last few years?

By Matt McDonald

Phoning it in for Stacey Abrams with the iPad moms of Atlanta

Older women in Georgia’s biggest city are happy to give up their lunchtimes for Stacey Abrams

By Matt McDonald


Gavin McInnes: ‘Personally I think the guy was looking to get beat up for optics’

The leader of the Proud Boys believes his group were provoked by ‘antifa’ activists

By Matt McDonald


Ben Shapiro, the child prodigy gone right

A day with the host of the fastest growing conservative podcast, as he addresses his biggest ever student crowd

By Matt McDonald

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