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Freddy Gray

Freddy Gray is deputy editor of The Spectator and the founding editor of The Spectator’s World edition. He was formerly literary editor of the American Conservative.

We might not like it, but Donald Trump really is a great global brand

It’s been a miserable two weeks for our Foreign Secretary. Not only did Boris Johnson trip up over the British woman held in Iran; not only did he find himself accused of puppeteering Theresa May to further his and Michael Gove’s Brexit ambitions; he also committed the most grievous PR sin any politician can commit: […]

By Freddy Gray

Donald Trump avoids gun debate in explicitly religious speech about Las Vegas shooting

Donald Trump’s statement to the nation about Las Vegas was platitudinous. Speeches by leaders in the wake of such horrors tend to be. But it wasn’t bad. He did the necessary: he called the slaughter ‘pure evil’, he thanked the Las Vegas police and protection services for their professionalism, he offered comfort and condolences to […]

By Freddy Gray

How will Trump react to the Las Vegas attack?

President Donald J Trump, the man who never sleeps, hasn’t woken up to the awful news from Las Vegas. Or at least he hasn’t yet gone on to Twitter to rave at the world, as he normally does after any terrorist attack or incident of mass violence. No doubt he will any moment. Until he […]

By Freddy Gray

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