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Daniel McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy is the editor of Modern Age: A Conservative Review, the VP for ISI’s Collegiate Network and a Spectator contributing editor and columnist.


Is Donald Trump an ‘isolationist’? Or a ‘radical imperialist’? He can’t be both

For two years we’ve been hearing that Donald Trump is an ‘isolationist’, whatever that word is supposed to mean. Only now two op-ed writers in the New York Times have discovered that he isn’t — instead, Thomas Meaney and Stephen Wertheim write, ‘Let’s call Mr. Trump’s vision what it is: radical American imperialism.’ Let’s not, […]

By Daniel McCarthy

Why everyone should want America to defend its industrial base

If Donald Trump said it was a pretty day outside, his critics would claim he had just sexually harassed the sky. The state of perpetual overreaction his detractors find themselves in goes beyond ordinary party animus. The iron-clad belief in Trump’s extremism, even when he behaves in ways exactly like his presidential predecessors, is a […]

By Daniel McCarthy


Bureaucracy is more dangerous than the AR-15

Should taking rights away from innocent people be a first resort or a last resort—or no resort at all—in response to a spate of heinous crimes? If we were talking about the First Amendment rights of religious minorities or of free speech, most liberals would insist that people who had committed no crime shouldn’t forfeit […]

By Daniel McCarthy


Why Trump’s ‘trade war’ makes strategic sense

Has Donald Trump sparked off a trade war? His plans for a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent tariff on aluminum have shocked friend and foe alike. China is outraged; so are Canada, Japan, and South Korea—allies that in fact export more steel to the U.S. than China does. They stand to […]

By Daniel McCarthy


The problem with America is not Donald Trump

Something has gone horribly wrong in America, but it isn’t Donald Trump. The 45th president’s first year has in fact been a very good year for the country. By the time those 12 months were up, the unemployment rate was the lowest the country had seen in 18 years, and the number of new filings […]

By Daniel McCarthy

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